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Interclub R3 - This Sun @ Broadford (VIC)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by NovaCoder, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Round 3 of the Interclub series road racing is on this Sun (May 6) @ Broadford.

    I'll be there to race in the Twin Sprint class on my SV650S (#87).

    Come and say hi!

    Spectator's welcome :grin:
  2. cool. what time is your race?
  3. The times are not available till the day but usually first practice beings about 9:00 and then I'll have about 4 races (1 an hour) throughout the day :grin:
  4. Bugger!

    I have already commited to other things this weekend. I wish you well and look forward to actually getting out there with you. The Blade is nearly ready to sell.
  5. there is motogp this sunday. sorry can't be there. all the bst! :grin:
  6. True, but the main race won't be on until about 5pm.
  7. And I won't even get to watch it till 12:00 :twisted:
  8. This is an awesome day not only can you watch bikes racin you can go into the pits and talk to the riders, all are very friendly :)
  9. Hey good luck Nova - how have you gone in previous races? Been doing this for long? I always thought the midsize twins class was a great idea.
  10. Lozzy, check out Nova's blog and links, they point the way to his adventures. It's spurred me on to try to sell the Blade and go twins racing.
  11. good luk nova i hope it all goes well 4 ya. i wont b there this weekend but ill no doubt c u around a!
  12. Good luck mate, wish I could make it up to watch but I'm working :(
  13. Whats your Single Cylinder/Supermono Or Formula 4 Class like, Also the 125GP class?? :eek:

    Good luck with your raicng too ;)
  14. What a great day for racing! Heaps of people with bikes from the awesome to the very average :oops:

    3 other Netriders there (2 racing). Couple of stack early on b4 I got there, including a sidecar on fire on the track after the rider apparently wasn't smart enough to get it off the track before the fire marshalls had to spray all over the track to put the fire out :roll:

    Things I learned today watching....

    Tozer and Gobert are stupid fast! :shock:

    Doesn't matter if you are any good or not, you can race

    Doesn't matter if you have a good bike or a $500 wreck, you can race

    Everybody, with the possible exception of those who crashed, have a ball racing

    I, want to go racing! :grin:

    Shoulda bought that bike at the auctions last week :evil:
  15. I was there too make that 4 netriders. I saw you on the SV650! There were two SV650s so one of them had to be you!

    I had a great day with my dad however it trying to understand what class was hard as there were some many different types of machines in every race.

    Loved seeing the supermotards racing too! I left just before the sidecar wreck, we saw an ambulance going the other way as we were driving down the road.

    Broadford track is hard on the right hand side of the tire thats for sure. I am interested in racing some day but I would like to take my FZR250 to just do a track day first. There were a few people on FZR250/CBR250/ZXR250s racing.
  16. I've road kitted the Blade, advertised it and it's ready for sale. The MA licence application and payment has been made. All I need to do now is find a lucky buyer for the Fireblade (bargain, even if I say so myself), convince Suzuki to let me have an SV for a silly price, get it sorted and then go and show you how slooooooow someone can ride and still have fun.

    I really wanted to go and watch Nova today but I had a previous riding commitment and then a BBQ/MotoGP afternoon with some friends. Looking forward to the race update.
  17. Out of curiosity, did the racing include 250 stock bikes? That sounds like a fun class to have a go in!
  18. Yep, there was an un-named Netrider their riding a 250cc Zeal :wink:
  19. HEHE I saw the Zeal going past. Out of curiosity, the first race after lunch there were three guys off the pace at the back of the pack with much smaller capacity machines and they all had purple vests on. Why were they racing in this class and why did they have the purple vests on? Were they probationary racers that didn't have their racing license for very long?
  20. At the Interclub races there are two races called 'Team Shield' in which 3 riders from each club race for the glory of their club. Most clubs have their riders wear a team shirt.