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Interclub 23/11

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by sidecar55, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I've scared the spiders out of the sidecar & put a new set of tyres on.
    I've paid for the entry, so now I have to do it! I think I remember which way the track goes. (-:

  2. You'll be ok.
  3. anybody heading up to Broadford this weekend... entry is free and the team shield is up for grabs.(final round)

    POINTS after 4 ROUNDS:

    S.C.R.C.V. 114 pts.
    Redline 229
    Newport/Braybrook 284
    Gippsland Centre 359
    Preston 378
    SANDRINGHAM 448 pts.
  4. I'll be there. Aprilia Motard, havin a blast!
  5. I'll be there if the weather is ok. It's my last race in Vic, but I have a real time issue.
  6. oh cejay, am sure you will find the time to have one last race at Broady. After the Hughie, I am sure you know the quickest way around the track.
  7. I really want to be there and will do all I can to do so.
  8. If you can't come, send Liz anyway.
  9. Broadford

    Weather looked crap on the way to the track, & it wasn't that flash when we got there. Took it easy in practice to run the new motor in (sort of) & left the wets on for the first race. Big mistake, no grip & destroyed the front tyre & got 5th. :oops: New slicks were put on & improved to 3rd spot in the 2nd race. I started to remember how to ride the thing again was getting better as the race went on. 3rd race got a good start & felt better during the race & finished 3rd again. Got 3rd overall for the day & felt we did reasonably well as I hadn't raced properly for 3 years & my passenger Stu not for 8 years. Yeehaa!!
    Next outing is the Sidecar Introduction Day @ Broadford 7th December, if anyone is interested drop me a PM & I''ll pass in the contact details.
    It's $100.00 for the day includes licence, insurance, tuition, lunch & as many curcuits of the track as you want to do. Duncan
  10. Why didn't you go out in the Sidecar Handicap?
  11. the weather was ok.... just...... no wet races.
    you have trophies to pack, they will not find there own way to Cairns.
  12. It was the time that killed me. I simply have no spare weekends between now and early January and the rain that was falling here @ 5am did not bode well for the day. Easy decision to make really.

    All I can say is how disappointed I was to be not able to make the day.
  13. well....no cejay racing adventures..... the weather was ok at broady, all day, just lots of grey clouds, so do we give your trophies to Loz for safe keeping and then he can dispose of them next house move?
  14. I am still hoping to make next Saturday, just not first thing.
  15. that would be nice, you cannot move to FNQ without saying farewell, especially if Liz is going too.
  16. Handicap

    Bloused out! Passenger had sore ribs. Rider was shagged out. Got to get back to race fitness! :LOL:
  17. Stay off the Turps, and the crap food. Stay away from D. Dukes too. He will lead you astray.
  18. Well I thought it was a good day.

    The weather looked bad but was fine in the end.

    My bike sort of worked well for almost the whole day. Only some minor issues.

    The biggest bonus was getting third in the consolation race (upto 500cc) at the end of the day, after an epic battle with 400, many passes (not bad for a CBR250R). Wooo first trophy eva!
  19. I wouldn't broadcast the rear brake thingy, if I was you.
  20. Yeah good point. Maybe I should delete it from the post....