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Interactive Map of World Road Toll Rates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by POPEYE, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Guys,

    found this interesting, click on the map 1/2 way down the article, link below:


    You can click on whichever country & it will tell you the road toll per 100,000 people in each country & a break up each mode of transport.

    I was surprised the UK & even Ireland have lower road toll rates than Australia, obviously better trained drivers.

    Central / Northern European countries have the lowest rd tolls by far.

    Incredibly Thailand has an astronomical rate almost worse than China / Russia combined of 38 /100,000, doesn't do much for the argument for bikes when 74% of the deaths are on 2-wheelers!

    Hence, I'll never ride a bike in Thailand!

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  2. Those crazy Russian videos on YouTube don't encourage you much about riding there either :LOL:
  3. or russia (unless i am carrying my circular saw)
    or China
    or Africa
    or the middle east
    or.......no need to go further

    but Germany's Autoban would be a blast,

    i'd soil myself at Nurburgring though!
  4. you may or may not, but you'd like an opportunity to find out, wouldn't you?

    I'd love to see what it was like to hammer down into Eau Rouge at Spa, but I'd always have the sad death of Stefan Bellof on my mind, I think
  5. Bugga!

    From the title of the thread, I expected a comparison of toll road costs, proving, I expect, how much us bike riders are being ripped off in Oz.

    AFAIK, most European countries have either free, or cheaper than car, tolls for motorbikes.
  6. m2/m7 is unbelievable, $7k a year in tolls to get to work for me!
  7. Australia's road fatality rate is not anything special - a lot of places do a lot better. A lot better without the "wipe off 5" crap too.
  8. like all of central / northern Europe
  9. Helmets are rare in Thailand and even if worn are cheap and without chin straps fastened. Then there is the lack of both training and awareness, coupled with a fatalistic approach to life.