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N/A | National Interactions between motorcyclists and police: post your own

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Deadsy, May 19, 2012.

  1. I have created this thread for people to post up their experiences when dealing with police on the road while riding a motorcycle. Perhaps others will be interested in seeing what is posted up, too.

    I think it would be useful if people posted some relevant information in a clear way. For example:

    [Any ongoing double demerits/specific enforcement campaign?]
    [Details of interaction (as best as you can recall)]

    Ok, let's see if this gets any interest.
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  2. 5:45PM Saturday 19 May 2012

    Filtered to the front at lights. When traffic began moving I was pulled over by the car that had been on my right, an unmarked Falcon. I asked if I was pulled over for filtering, the officer said to hand over my license. He then asked my why I lane split. I stated that it was safer for motorcycles and reduced the risk of being rear-ended. He stated he could write a ticket for overtaking on the left if traffic had been moving. I said traffic had been stationary and he agreed.

    I then stated (not sure why...) something like a third of motorcycle accidents were rear-enders and that a friend had been rear-ended a week after getting a bike. The officer said he too rides a motorcycle and that he had been rear-ended himself, but that my stats were way off. He said motorcyclists mosty crash going too fast in corners. I agreed. He then said it was fine to filter at the lights when traffic was stopped, but that I should be going slower because there are people who will try to impede you. I agreed.

    Outcome: I spoke to the officer for around 5 minutes on the side of the road and did not receive any fines. It almost felt like a conversation where he was ask a question and I would answer and he would agree/disagree. I did not feel as if I had to be quiet and accept that he was right because he had a uniform. The whole thing was inconvenient because I was going home, however it was also pleasant because of the attitude of the HWP officer. I do not know if the conversation would have gone the same way if the officer had not been a rider himself, or if he had not himself experienced being rear-ended on his bike.
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  3. Date: a long time ago
    Got pulled over for license and rego check near Williamstown, pleasant conversation about how they were looking for unlicensed riders, I did mention that chances of an unlicensed rider would do a runner, he agreed but said he was following orders, wished us well and on our way.
  4. About 3? years ago
    Princes Hwy ~1km straight just south of Bega. Mr Hwy patrol was hiding behind the shrubs at the end of the straight (funny, those shrubs have since disappeared - and no, it wasn't me). I was doing about 130 from memory, hardly a mass kitten murdering speed. Conversation went something like this:

    "What's the hurry"
    "No hurry officer, I've just balanced the throttle bodies and was taking it for a test run and some food shopping"
    He wrote ot the ticket and said -
    "And I'll be here on the way back as well"
    "Well, I'd better take the Snowy Mountains Hwy back then"
    "The green car is there"
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  5. About 15 years ago on a Friday afternoon
    Motorcycle cop (BMW)

    Filtering down king st (Melbourne), going over the Yarra river towards Sth Melbourne and came up to a cop on a BMW sitting in the left lane. I was working at the time (courier), and in a hurry, but I didn't want to split the traffic right in front of him, so I just sat in the right lane until I came up beside him. He obviously saw me coming, and to my surprise turned around to me and said, "Don't worry about me, I can't get through". Those were his exact words! So I just gave him a nod and continued on my way, filtering through the traffic which was moving at the time, albeit about 10km/h.

    Sometimes they can be human beings.
  6. As a theme seems to be developing, I might keep my less appealing and wholesome stories to myself. For now, anyway.
  7. About 2 months ago
    Approaching Balte bridge city bound.
    Was lane filtering through heavy traffic due to a broken down truck.
    Came up behind a police car which somewhat halted my progress so I went to sit behind him.
    To my surprise he edged over inviting me to filter past which I obliged . He even gave me a little wave a I road by.
  8. I have noticed the theme too. Part of the reason why I started this thread is because I would not have really considered posting about my experience on its own, it was positive. If it had been negative, I may have created a thread about it.

    I don't think that amounts to an agenda though, I'm not out to prove the police are good or bad either way. The good, the bad and the ugly are all welcome in this thread.

    It may be interesting to compare similar incidents and see who got fined, ask questions like did their attitude contribute and so on. Ultimately the thread can't really prove anything, anyway, since we can easily make mistakes, leave details out and so on when recounting past experiences.
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  9. So driving my ute on monday to the dentist - mind is wandering a bit and I fail to slow down from 80 to 60 for a construction zone

    Two bike officers nabbed me on a hand held laser

    so while one is getting my details checked I started talking to the other about the sub standard safety gear they are issued - to which he agreed

    Then the other comes back and we keep talking an I check out the gloves they were issued talk about the jodhpurs and so on that they don't like but they can not find any one local who will to make a decent replacement for them that's similar to general duties pants but protective and in smaller quantities

    So I give him my card tell him to have who ever is in charge of uniforms call me and I can prototype for them with their design input any gear they want.

    Well that went down very well as I was given my licence back and told to have a nice day but pay more attention to the changing speed zones around construction sites

    I thanked them and wished that their kindness be returned to them 3 times over

    now just waiting for a call / email to see if I can have something on my website that says

    "RHOK ------- as used by the Australian Federal Police."
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  10. Early January 2008
    I was entering the town of Cue which is between Mount Magnet and Meekatharra on the great Norther Hwy. I was asked to pull over and given breath test which I passed of course. Both officers ended up asking more about the bike and trailer set up as they had both been WA police motorcyclists who got paid to ride the police version of my Honda ST1100.
    My feeling was they were more interested in the bike and the breath test was just an excuse to pull me over.

    Not the only time that has happened in WA to me.

    Have been living in Peterborough SA for the last two years. The local police wave at us when they see us. They know I don't drink but they still do the breath test thing sometimes.
  11. [Date/Time]
    ~ 3 years
    [Any ongoing double demerits/specific enforcement campaign?]
    Is there any difference in the beige state?
    [Details of interaction (as best as you can recall)]
    I split/filtered two ~stationary~ trucks at a set of lights - Once I punched through a 4X4 Ford showed up with the disco's and pulled me over.
    Kept helmet on.
    Got off bike.
    Spoke to very calm officer - He asked if I'd seen him??? (don't know why)
    Long story short - he was too a rider (Like OP) and in no uncertain terms said he would've done the same.......a keep safe, say upright monologue and away I went....

    Me thinks it would be a different situation in the beige state these days......hmmmmm
  12. Good thread BTW (y)
  13. Few years back
    Paddy wagon

    About 2am riding through some suburbs had a cop tailgating me for several minutes. Had no idea it was a cop though, thought it was just some muppet in a ute. Got sick of it and pulled a last second turn into a street and went for it. Found a place to stop, lo and behold, wagon had doubled back and was slowly coming up the road looking for me. Went past the road I was on and kept going.

    No lecture,
    no fine.
  14. Christmas eve 10am
    HP car 2up
    Gembrook Vic

    Myself and 2 riders I'm at the back come around the corner speed limit drops from 80 to 60 .
    Car on right with laser .one female cop one male
    Tune around and pull us over talking to lead rider

    You guys were moveing around that corner " we are running an operation over the next few months targeting speeding around the hills. You were all doing the same speed but we can only book your mate in front he's 30ks over so $300 fine and lost his license but you need to slow down . at least your all weaing the right gear so thats one good thing . The second place rider starts to talk about speed limits in victoira being to low and car drivers hitting bikes . The cop advises him to contact the government about that one "" funny

    So their attitude was pretty good compared to some story's you hear

    Keep this thread on topic
    Keep this thread on topic
  15. Last Sunday doing 136 in 100 heading north on Princes Highway before Engadine, HWP Blue Ford points radar at me. Motions with hand for me to slow down. Nothing more.
  16. Date: Pick one.
    Outcome: Dunno, I never stop to hear what they want to talk about, 'cause I know it's not going to be good. For me.
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  17. Nothing to input but im enjoying the thread.
  18. [Date/Time] About 5 years ago
    [State] QLD
    [Unit] CIB
    [Any ongoing double demerits/specific enforcement campaign?] NO
    [Details of interaction (as best as you can recall)]
    Waited 3 light changes, not happening for me. Next to no traffic, so run the red. Unmarked cop pulls me up. Asks me why I run red light. I explain that sensor is not detecting bike and I had waited 3 changes. He takes my licence, sits in car for about 5 minutes. Apologises for taking so long then lectures me and says I should have turned back and gone a different way.
    A lecture and no fine.

    [Date/Time] 12 months ago.
    [State] QLD
    [Unit] Motorbike cops
    [Any ongoing double demerits/specific enforcement campaign?] No
    [Details of interaction (as best as you can recall)]
    Pulled up for riding down the left hand side emergency lane to front of traffic lights. Traffic stopped. Start talking to another rider who was pulled up. Cop ask me if I know the guy and why am I talking to him, I say am I not allowed to talk to other riders? Cop ask me why I ride down left, duhhh. Dumshit arrogant motorbike cop says I am taking a risk. I say I got smashed from behind once and it aint going to happen again. By this stage I had switched off, knew he was going to be a tosser
    [Outcome] $80 no points.

    [Date/Time] About 6 months ago
    [Any ongoing double demerits/specific enforcement campaign?]NO
    [Details of interaction (as best as you can recall)]
    Doing about 120kph down the highway just south of Childers. Unmarked cop coming other way throws on lights. He got to wait for a bit of traffic before he can U-turn, so I consider nailing it and not stopping. He catches up, introduces himself. Says its no fun owning a big bike these days, I agree. Says he has to fine me, fair enough and starts asking me questions about the bike. Takes licence and heads back to car. Fellow cop comes over with breathaliser. Bikes immobiliser turns on, which starts beeping (triumph sprint factory alarm) cop asks me what it was, and whats hiding in my tank bag under my gloves. Dumb arse thinks its a radar detector. Ask me if I got a radar detector app on my phone?? I say I wouldn't be here talking to you now if I had one. Old cop comes back, has a good chat about bikes.
    Something like $200 fine and 3 demerit points.