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Inter/Intro Racial Marriages

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. It's something that happens quite a lot and I dont understand why. Why do parents from different cultures have the expectations that their children will stay true to that culture and not marry Joe the sparky or Bob the teacher?

    I find that if the child is male, they have to find a nice girl, regardless of culture, while if female, an asian girl must find a successful asian man in a high paying job or a lebanese/greek/wog girl must find a man that has got his own business up and running and doing well.

  2. opening a can of worms here.....lol.
  3. Well, I guess it's as good a way of selecting a mate as any. Probably more successful than most. It's not like those who follow their hearts have a particularly fantastic long term strike rate, is it?
  4. Wow quote the sterotypes here:
    Vic Greek married to australian
    Me Greek married to Italian
    Many of my greek/Italian aussie mates have intermarried.
    What is your point pray tell. I'm dying to know
  5. :-w
    I don't know what his point is...

    but in my opinion no one should EVER marry Smee! :bolt::rofl:
  6. My son has your daughter all lined up mate, be afraid be very afraid.:twisted:
  7. Very Generally Speaking

    Yes I am stereotyping. It makes being selective easier. I'm not saying it is a blanket rule, just that it happens. Actually going from what you said, I'm not saying that marriage stays within cultures, just that the parents seem to place greater importance on that happening.

    As for my point, my point is this, stated in first line of OP:
    It came to mind because I have a friend who is a chinese girl who is engaged to a middle of the road average aussie bloke who is a maths teacher. They expected her to marry a well-to-do chinese man, and given that she is very pretty she could have definitely managed that. However, she is enganged to this guy instead, due to marry in a few months, and to date the parents refuse to admit that he even exists.
  8. :rofl:

    Never dated a Greek girl in my life.

    I think its just wishful thinking on the old man's part. We're not in any Greek community, I don't come with to church and I listen to Punk Rock.

    Just because he is trying to perpetuate a stereotype doesn't mean that everyone around him will adhere to it.
  9. I wonder if our more fundamental christian types would have wanted their daughters marrying some nice muzzie leb boy?
  10. hmm, muslim lebanese boy, no. Christian lebenese boy, go for it.

    Fundamental christianity implies christians marrying christians as a general rule. But it shouldnt make a difference what race they are, although sadly, it probably does in some (or many, i don't know) families.

    First priority is christian, everything else is irrelevant.

    That even applies to standard white Aussies (Warning: Stereotype) if your a white christian girl, you should not marry a white non-christian guy.
  11. That is sort of what I'm getting at. Adhering to the stereotype is irrelevant, why the stereotype in the first place? Is he seriously pushing the greek thing, or is it just like a running family joke? Living in the shire, I guess it's more of the latter. If it is serious, why does he see it that way?
  12. Is this your belief?

    Most resistance to intermarriage i have witnessed is from your WASPS. Predominately your more affluent protestant types.
  13. im aussie and from a non-religious family and my partner is turkish, her parents are strict muslims. They have been more accepting of me than my parents have been of her. Sure her parents wanted her to meet a turkish guy, but they were just happy that she met someone who treats her good and loves her, regardless of my background... it also helps that I love the turkish food her mum cooks :). My parents wanted me to meet a nice aussie girl (read white girl) and to this day (9 years into the relationship) are still not welcoming to my partner.
    So I agree lilley, (some) white aussie parents want their kids to stick with the same ethnic background just as much as an immigrant family may.
  14. I'll say it sits around the middle of the road on this. I can't say that he's not serious about it but I also can't say that he puts a serious enough emphasis on it for me to even consider thinking about it.

    I would date a greek girl but she couldn't be the stereotypical church-going bible bashing kind. I had enough arguments with my last love and she was only borderline believer. I don't initiate arguments but if they bring it up and challenge my view of the world i'll have a heavy arsenal of firepower to defend my position which can end in tears for the girl.
  15. Yes, it is my belief. When I say everything else is irrelevant, thats not quite true. As a couple, you have to work out whether it is possible for the two of you to live together for the rest of your lives. Apart from that, cant really think of anything major. What are WASPS?

    IronSheik: Yes, its sad that some "Australians" still are not as accepting of other races even though the multicultural thing has been pushed for 50+ years. I probably dont see it as much because that is my culture and have been blinded to it. Although it is quite prevalent around my area (which would be over 90% white) especially among the teen's/young adult's. The local high school has less than 5 asians per year of 150 or so. Maybe I just missed it, having gone to a school where being white was the minority, you learned to go past skin colour.
  16. White
  17. Mainly because parents believe that they know what's best for their kids. And if they married someone of the same race/religion and their parents and their parents parents did the same thing and it was all happy gummy drops land, then their kids should do the same too.

    I myself don't really care about a person's background/ethnicity or religion. As long as we dig each other, and they're not very strong about their beliefs..it's all good
  18. Got half the planet in my blood stream so I don't think my parents will have problems if I try to compleate the collection as such :D

    The thing I don't get is people from different religions (or an aethiest & religous person) getting married. I don't have anything against it, I just don't understand how 2 people can live together and have a family if there base beleafs (sp?) are different?
  19. The thing I don't get is people from different religions (or an aethiest & religous person) getting married. I don't have anything against it, I just don't understand how 2 people can live together and have a family if there base beleafs (sp?) are different?

    Therein lies, I believe, the point of the original question.

    I can imagine two people who support different football clubs, for example, being quite happy together (except for on one day in September) and Big Arnie is a Republican's Republican while his wife is an outspoken Democrat, but faith is a matter of the heart, and without a shared faith, a part of the hearts is not touching.
  20. It depends on the degree of belief and acceptance of the others beliefs. Two religious moderates from opposing faiths could easily reconcile their beliefs through critical rationalizations that go outside of the dogma of the particular religion however the more fundamental the believers in the literal meaning of their holy books, the more difficult it becomes to reconcile opposing beliefs.

    TBH I have no problems dating people who believe different things to me but if they refuse to accept me for my beliefs we are not going to work out. Fundies will never accept an atheist as a legitimate person. No matter how much they like them, it is always in the back of their minds that on judgement day this person will be going to hell. This worldview is very good at creating rifts between different groups. You'd be surprised how accepting people who hold no particular dogma can be of other people.