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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Locnah, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Pulling out of the office late last friday night eager to get home to see the kids before they go to bed, I see a car on the opposite side of the road up to my right pulling out of a parking lot with no indicator on....ok maybe I cannot see it and he's turning left. Maybe....

    We both wait for an on coming car to my right (his left) the car passes both of us and he dosnt move (alarm bells go off). I decide to pull onto the road and watch him closely as he may be on the phone. As I get closer I watch his wheels and then notice him waving his arms - similar to that of someone speaking to you aggressively using their hands. As I get closer he intentionally pulls out and I miss him by 2-3 feet. Now dont misinterpret this, he moved his head as I got closer, looked straight at me and drove at the side of my bike whilst waving his stupid fcuking hands at me.

    When someone does something stupid I usually give a shake of the head and keep riding repeating in my head 'dont react'. I stop the bike 10 or so meters up the road and look over my shoulder. He's still sitting in middle of the road with arms flailing angrily attempting to have a one sided conversation with me through the closed passenger window, most likely trying to justify his attempt to either injury me or scare me - he did neither.....and who would have thought he was turning right with no indicator....tard.

    At this point I am calm and 100% committed to 're-educating' this individual so I put the stand down and get off the bike. He deciding sticking around wasnt the best thing and took off narrowly missing an oncoming car who had to put on the brakes to miss him.

    Now I have seem some dumb shit, but never whilst riding or driving have I had someone attempt to hit me with their car nor the justification for such an act.

    I find the idea that he thinks he has the right to use his car as a tool to either scare me or actually hit me so offensive that if I ever caught up with this guy......
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  2. yeah he's an a*hole, and a would-be hero

    another imbecile who fails the attitude test
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  3. I have had a similar thing happen to me a couple of times, one bloke even slowed down and started swerving around trying to stop me from over taking. He then stopped on an angle and was visible pissed off as I've pulled on to the other side of the road and just nailed the throttle in second. From then he was just a dot in my mirror disappearing from view. Thankfully there aren't many cars on the road that can out accelerate my bike.
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  4. Probably related to the current Ice scourge.....
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  5. In the one I mentioned above, I think it was more a case of he was too busy concentrating on eating his hamburger and drinking his coffee to notice that he'd taken up a both lanes going round a roundabout and me beeping the horn I think gave him a bit of a scare.
  6. Pulled out behind (never in front of, Gods forbid) a P plater this morning who was possibly the worst driver I have ever seen on the road. Slowing down and speeding up for no apparent reason (except maybe an inability to multi task combined with texting), all over the road, choosing to turn left (eventually, after driving right up to the junction straight down the middle) with no indicator to say so… I turn left there and then immediate right & u-turn because it’s a tram crossing which is hells busy at peak hour and it’s just impossible to turn right at that time of day. The immediate right is on a left hand bend and has a small turning lane, and people are usually pretty good about letting you round and back in while they’re sat waiting for the crossing. This morning the P plater elected to also turn right there. From the left lane. Good job I had already gotten their measure and had a fair idea that something dumb was coming – if I’d been one of the local Ninja squids I could have been over the bonnet.

    No harm done, but my gruntle was dissed because that f*tard still has their licence…
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  7. They most likely always will as VicPol's default response these days seems to be 'its too difficult to police'. This is where half of me says screw it, react, put them in a position where they are in danger (whether it be me hovering in their drivers window) and that their peers are watching them and there is such a thing as consequence.
  8. ...But I lose my licence for 'fail to give way while changing lanes' after indicating for bloody ages, looking clearly like I needed to get over (23 headchecks later) and being ignored, so finally making a necessary judgement call which put nobody at risk. They can police that but not the hoons, morons and liabilities. Grrrr.
  9. He was pissed at you for making him spill coffee on his phone ;)
  10. Probably.

    I have made someone do that before. Relatively low speed in a roundabout, some stupid stupid stupid girl was busy on her phone, drinking coffee and got a tad close to me, so with the back of my glove (carbon fibre knuckle protection) I have her boot a tap. She slammed all on, sent her coffee flying and she dropped the phone. I went passed and yelled something rude and unprintable here.
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  11. Full marks for this phrase :)
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  12. Glad you didn't say full points, that's a sore subject. ;)
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  13. Many drivers are quite literally insane, and I have heard " I was teaching you lesson" 3 times so far normally after me filtering to the front of traffic with them retaliating (bumping the back of the bike, yelling or overtaking me in the lane).
    Had one nutjob last year try to ram myself and pillion into a cement wall with absolutely no provocation..when the cops visited him his best excuse was "he cut me off" which the dashcam proved otherwise.

    I use to shake a head or ask 'what is your problem' however given up this after a mate did the same and allegedly the driver remembered him the next week and knocked him off before speeding off.
    Nowdays I just sit in the right lane 10 above and aim to be past them before they have a chance to kill me, its just not worth it.
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  14. Mate that's exactly my theory, get past most of them (filtering useful in urban areas here), and if somebody actually is going faster than me in more open spaces then go for it, I might even tuck in behind you for a while.
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  15. Please tell me the driver was brought up on charges?

    Does anyone know if the helmet cam laws have been tested in court yet? Also, has anyone submitted helmet cam footage to the police and received a fine?
  16. Not that I am aware of, at the time all he remembered was the bike getting knocked out from under him and the car speeding away.
    The guy I reported however got ripped to absolute shreds though.

    This just happend today in Melbourne, not sure of the context though.
    Motorcyclist deliberately knocked off his bike and stabbed in Melbourne

    They have been tested both ways in Victoria, generally speaking most cops are fine with it and won't hassle you.