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INTELLIGENT criminal profiling for 'hoons'

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dirtydannyd123, Aug 9, 2010.

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  3. Crow bar agendarizing at it's worst. :( Use hoons as a scape goat to justify more resources and expenditure that can be used to target ANYBODY.

    If you looked at a bell curve of fatalities, where do you think the hoon and unlicenced would be?? Based on that propaganda, you'd expect them to be one of the main causes of fatalities right??? Right?? WRONG.

    *sigh* Farking Nanny State.

    And so what if hoons are away from the public spinning wheels and only placing themselves in danger. What the **** is wrong with that that it must be stamped out?!?

    Who the **** is running this circus??
  4. "The worlds newest specialised crime fighting squad. They have cooler sunglasses and hotter spunks and chicks than CSI. They have more advanced 'profiling' and greater resources than the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit. They are the cutting edge of humanities thin line separating the good and evil. They hunt the most heanous of criminal... The hoon."

    <insert Law and Order {Thunk-Thunk}>

    These are their stories...
  5. Justification for that remark?

    Firstly, the 18-25 age group (male) is well and truly overrepresented in the accident stats.
    Guess the profile of the average hoon? Thats right, 18-25 and male.......
    The problem is they DONT just kill themselves. They kill innocent drivers, mates etc too.

    Secondly, the Intel they are collecting is about recidivist idiots who just don't learn.
  6. So every male aged 18-25 is a hoon???? I don't think so. This crap, and it is crap, about hoon riders and drivers comes to us from the same people that proclaim "Carnage on our roads". There is no carnage on our roads. If the governments were really serious about saving the lives of our young people they would concentrate their efforts and money on mental illness and suicide.
  7. & training. "oh it's too expensive", bullshit, they're spending "millions" on this bullshit when all they have to do is look up someones driving history.

    & what is with this?


  8. Ken Lay, the popularist emotive 'tard is using the crowbar again - how the hell could this unit have avoided the Mill park deaths?? It grates on my nerves that the great beigewashed will buy it hook line and sinker.
  9. I found it interesting that the 'hoon' they used as an example was a young bloke in a car, not a bike......

  10. So true Rob. What a bunch of idiots. 13 FULL time staff to analyse data? And how would using that data have stopped the Mill Park deaths. He was already breaking quite a few laws, what would have been required to stop him going out that night anyway, short of jail.
  11. because 13 full time staff analysing data after the fact make WAAAAY more sense than 13 police in cars on patrol... Vicpol are the ****ing tools, but lets not kid ourselves it's not a program designed to actually do anything and they only have to catch one or 2 people to say OMGWTFBBQ look nanny state members we are making a difference...and the blinkered suckers who seem to be the majority of motorists in this state will buy it hook line and sinker.

    What the **** happened to the citizens of Victoria, when did we become the punching bag for do gooders and self serving police and politicians?