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Intelligence tests for pillions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. This falls into the WTF? category...

    Seen in Elizabeth Street, lunchtime today. A happy couple riding along on their nice shiny scooter.

    Him - the classic combo of shorts, T-shirt, black open-face helmet.

    Her - a pretty sundress, and a black open-face helmet which she was wearing backwards... :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. like this?

  3. Yes I have seen this one before to clive.There are some dickwads out there.
  4. Have to get myself one of these invisible skin shields that scooter riders seem to have! :LOL:

    My gf overheard some chick telling a motorbike rider that she rides heaps better in stillettos than in normal shoes :applause:
  5. Better than a full face helmet backwards. Then again, for some folks like Grobby, that could be considered a public service.
  6. scooter riders in general shit me.
    I'm only bassing it on those that I see around on the roads, not the personalities here.
  7. That's a friggin embarrassment...

    unless it's a new fad - you'd have to me sooo dumb to do something like that!!!

    .............. omg..........
  8. I read,,,,
    I saw,,,,,,
    I read some more,,,,,,,,,,,
    I scratched my head,,,,,,, :?
    Had another look,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Another head scratch,,,,,,
    Then thought, stilettos to ride better?????
    Helmets on backwards?????????
    :facepalm: Now I know where I'm going wrong, silly me thought I had to wear protective clothing, (inc boots), and a full face helmet, now I know better.!!!!!!! :-s
  9. BAM! loz smacks another one outta the park!!!!!1111 one one one neo
  10. I had a chat to a scooter salesman the other day (Scootopia in Bris) about the thong.dress,invincable scooter riders, he told me he gets frustrated with purchasers who he tries to sell full face helmets and boots to but there only requirment is that they look cool riding there scoot.
  11. And yet i still hear about motorcycle injuries/fatalities more often than i do from the scooter brigade.......why is that?

    What's a bet the open face helmet backwards still works :)
  12. Theory.....to the unwashed masses scooters look "cute" and therefore get noticed? Whereas a motorcycle is just another filthy bikie scum?
  13. As a scooter rider, I have to say I see just as many people on "real" bikes insufficiently dressed as I see on scooters.

    Scooters seem to win for the thong thing. That is just wrong.
  14. Thousands of hot Italians can't be wrong!
  15. [​IMG]
    Even the chick in the background thinks it's funny! :LOL:
  16. Because it's hard to do any damage coming off at 25 km/h. And scooters are not usually found pushing teh limits on roads like the Black Spur.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Yes that's completely right. Scooter = 50cc.
  18. maybe it was so the rider didn't have an ugly bird on the back of his bike hahahaha
  19. Well that's kinda the point. The danger is less and so they wear less protective gear. I don't approve of wearing dresses/heels on scooters of course, just sayin that's what people do.
  20. I agree. Still a good chance to break an ankle or get nasty gravel rash, maybe it's that scooter riders take risks that are less likely to cause an accident?

    Regards, Andrew.