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Intelligence Test - Fun!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Got 19 on the first one (the first 15 i got in like 5 minutes the last 4 took me about 25 minutes of staring lol),

    but then the second one.... i got 5 :(

    why is my brain so retarded... nah i like them things, but they frustrate me too
  2. Test 1 score = 28
    Test 2 score = 12

    Work to do now! :( (spent a LOT more time on test 1 :p)

    Keep in mind spelling is American, people! It's critical for some of them.
  3. Well that explains your smart mouth. :grin: by that i mean constant, and usually warped yet researched commentary.
  4. 1. 16
    2. 9 Before I gave up cuz I have to work :p
  5. People are always telling me I'm full of information!

    ... they use a different word for "information", but I know what they're trying to say :LOL:
  6. that and google is an amazing tool :)
  7. Only helps with so much :LOL:
  8. 22

    Now have to stop will have another look tonight!
  9. I got 30 in the first one and 21 in the second...didn't do the last one.
  10. updatez0r!

    Test 1: 29/33
    Test 2: 11/24
    Test 3: 7/20
    Test 4: 11/18

    I'm committed to finishing these!

    ... if I stare at them long enough, they'll come to me.
  11. grrrr... it's not accepting my answers!

  12. Addictive!! :grin: Spent an hour and a half on number 1, got 32/33, no cheating!

    My nemesis? "23 P of C in the H B". Ended up googling the answer. Arrrrgh!! :roll:

    Time to sleep now....
  13. Damn it, I thought I was smart.
    I was sure this was proof of it, but you all flogged me!

    fcuk it, i'll just invent something and become rich,

    brb.. inventing.
  14. Hey Ktulu....very funny! :LOL:
    I'm going to go back and do it again and make up my own answers too :wink: