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Integrated number plate frame & rego holder

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by PilgriM, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Heyas,

    I have been looking around for a few weeks now for a combined number plate frame & rego sticker holder for my bike.

    Basically I wanted the frame to hold the rego sticker directly below the plate, instead of currently hanging off the plate on a plastic holder.

    Has anyone seen any products like this that would work for vic plates/rego stickers???

  2. Move your rego sticker with plastic holder, to the swing arm.

    Problem fixed.
  3. Ye I have 1, on iPhone now, will post when I get to a pc
  4. Its not that I mind where it is, in fact with the size of my rear fender, its more to make it look cleaner & to cover the blank space on the fender itself..
  5. PS and the rest have versions of these.

    I know its not exactly what you are asking , but it deals with the rego label , and hangs from the bottom of the plate.

    I have a similar thing on the bottom of my plate.

  6. I want to get one of these, bit they are pretty expensive
  7. I considered getting one of those, its probably going to be my fall back position if I can't locate something that fits my original requirements...
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  9. I got a better one, yet to get to a pc
  10. The anticipation is killing me...... :busting:
  11. me too - something I always thought would be nice, but never really looked for...
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  13. Do a google search Had about a 2 minute look and found this available online Will be plenty more out there

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  14. there is one on flea bay now for 85 bucks ,,,a rip off i say
  15. you have a toilet roll holder on the back of your bike?

  16. and you have a Hyosung :D

  17. I am very impressed with this, actually looks better than the full frame style, cheers for posting the pics & link, was worth the wait =D>
  18. I think this was the only one I found while searching, there were a couple of others but were for other countries, you would think it wouldn't be too hard to find, I just seem to have had very little luck or the search terms I was using weren't working well..

    Thanks for posting the pic Matrix, it is now on my list...
  19. b60871a2.

    with it on my bike
  20. i actually think i'd rather have a whoflungaturd, than a toilet roll holder hanging of the rear of my bike.
    if you're going to buy that though, why not just go to bunnings and get a toilet roll holder and a bit of pvc pipe instead, would be cheaper. and still look just as bad.