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Integrated helmet speakers??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by removed-6, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Is there such a helmet?

    You see the racing car drivers "plug in" their helmet, so they must have speakers integrated into the helmet yes? So can I get a helmet that I can just plug my Mp3 into, avoiding the need for headphones?
  2. That would be so cool, I know Falcon Lord put speakers into his helmet, but thats more time and effort then im willing to dedicate to the project.
  3. a bluetooth rechargeable headset helmet for your mobile phone that has mp3?
    lets make one.

    "cant go riding yet, my helmet is still charging"

    would be good though
  4. It kind of surprises me that this sort of thing isn't standard yet.
  5. That looks Ok but i'd only need the speakers, not Mic and would prefer a standard audio plug. i'd actually cut off the plug and put on a female one which is tucked up under the jawline then use a male/male lead from Ipod to helmet.

    Means when not using the ipod you don't have to worry about a long audio lead getting in the way.
  6. That's exactly what I'm talking about, why doesn't someone make one? It's the sort of thing Troy Lee or Oakley would do isn't it.
  7. Yep did my own.
    What I did was buy a KBC VR1 Euro which has removable ear covers.
    I then bought a pair of KOSS KSC6 headphones [img:409:395:f2db684ef0]http://www.koss.com/koss/kossweb.nsf/05prodsbymodel/KSC6/$FILE/KSC6_1.jpg[/img:f2db684ef0]

    I then threaded the headphones into the helmet so all the cord was up in the lining, and the headphones have the ear tab around the helmets strap. I then aligned them so that the speakers are in the gap between the main padding and the removable earpiece.
    The Cord has just got the plug point sticking out and I use a male to female extension to connect to the helmet.

    The hardest part of the whole thing was finding the damned extension cord. 9 have a 1 meter one at the moment, but I want about half that.(or even less)

    It is not a perfect setup, but it isn’t bad either.
  8. I can get them done at a place for around $150.00 per set , it is speakers and a 3.5 mini jack in the back of the heelmet.

    Pm me if you want to know more.
  9. You could try a set of these
    I had a set sent to me about 3 weeks ago and have only used them once but they were great as long as you don't turn your MP3 player all the way up, not that there is a problem with the quality of sound its excellent but it gets loud enough to block out all other noise which is a bit of a problem but with my MP3 turned up halfway just enough sound to hear it at lights and straight line cruising once you hit the bends though I didn't even notice it and all for $36.00 posted from the states.
    Hope that helps :biker:
  10. I would think the only problem with this sort of speakers could be that you'd still get all the wind noise, so you'd end up having to turn the volume up higher and higher the faster you go.
  11. sorry to hijack the thread, does anyone know of any 2 way headsets with mic's for the helmets?? I think Oxford do them but the range is shorter than I'm wanting... :?: :?:
  12. ____________________________________________________________
    if you place them right over your ears they actually cut out a lot of wind noise but i place them a little off so I get some wind noise it seems strange to me not to have wind noise in my helmet. plus with the speed of the mighty GS500 the noise isn't so loud :LOL:
  13. These fit in a normal helmet, don't need any cutouts or anything. I put a Terraphone one in my helmet when I'm racing.

    But yes, like someone else mentioned - you still get wind noise and all that, so they aren't all that fantastic on a bike.
  14. Check out the NOLAN helmets.


    They have a intergated hemet speaker setup which is bluetooth/or wired. You can connect your mobile phone, mp3 player, pillion rider all up to it. My mates got one and i highly recommend it. The bluetooth headset and technology for Nolan is called N-Com. http://ncom.nolan.it/Index_ENG.aspx

  15. Autocom make a couple of systems with headsets, microphones and they connect to two-way radios, GPS systems, phones etc etc

    try: www.bluerim.com.au

  16. i bought a pair of these off the companies website, www.helmetaudio.com
    i removed the ear padding from my kbc vr1 euro and put the speakers in . so far all seems good
  17. Thanks guys, I ordered one from eBay and it's on it's way. I will give a report once it's fitted and tested.