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NSW Insuring a bike that has been in an accident

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by flyindutchie, May 16, 2013.

  1. hey people,

    just curious on this, can you insure a bike that has been in a minor accident and been self repaired? does it depend on the type of damage? eg cosmetic, electrical or mechanical? is there a rwc you can get to prove it has been repaired properly? thanks in advance

  2. The idea is to ensure em before you crash,not after.
  3. There will be questions relating to the condition of the bike in the insurance proposal form normally, if you answer them incorrectly you may void the policy.
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  4. it's a topic of debate that's popped up on another forum
  5. What was the answer ?
  6. @Mcsenna's answer has been the most informative one we've recieved all night
  7. In reference to his post, the questions refer to condition of the bike ie. existing unrepaired damage. If the bike has no existing damage because it has been repaired as stated, you have nothing to disclose making the latter part of OP irrelevant.

    If there is existing damage, you may be declined comprehensive insurance depending on the information you provide about the condition.

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  8. Can always rely on you to expand things succinctly @Justus ;)
  9. after an accident in my morris, i was required to supply a couple of photos, from memory with the news paper.

    but this was also a 50 year old car..
  10. whats the news pete, repair your bike of get a beater bike?.......IMO get a cheaper bike and make your R1 into a trackie :p.
  11. @Justus is the bomb. saving my skin many times over :)

    still waiting on insurer to resolve complaint. it'd only cost me $1300 to repair, not really a biggie on a $14,000 bike. all receipts are on file. better then the $7500 plus labor the dealership offered.