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Insuring a bike before end of restrictions

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by steve315, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Can anyone tell me about insuring a bike that I am not yet licenced to ride?

    My restrictions end in two months, so I went shopping for a bigger bike, and pick it up next Tuesday. I don't need to ride it yet and still have the 250 for getting around.

    However, I called Western QBE to insure it- thinking I would not be covered for road accidents but would be covered for theft.

    QBE turned me down flat :evil: - no coverage at all for a bike you cannot legally ride. I asked what would happen if someone was given or inherited a bike and did not have a bike licence? Answer was no coverage.

    Any thoughts or wisdom? thanks in advance.
  2. 2 suggestions....

    1- transfer the bike into a friend or relo's name, that is not on restrictions until you are off restrictions, and insure it in their name.

    2- transfer your address to NSW if your lucky enough to have family or friends in NSW and get a gold license, then you are not restricted ( this is my plan)

    good luck :)
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  4. Simple to answer, don't waste your money unless you have a good friend with a license who will say he was riding the bike.
  5. If it's in your garage just update your home and contents to include it.
  6. i was surprised how cheap i managed to insure my bike while on restrictions full comp for value of 3k for 300$ L plates. its an old GPX 250, but i thought being L plated i would of been shafted for alot more!

    ring around, and good luck!
  7. RACV will insure it!
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  9. give suncorp a call. they insure my zxr 750 that i cant ride
  10. i think they are just looking for insurance for theft, if it goes missing for the 2 months before they can ride it, so if thats the case i don't see why not, but yeah not sure if they would but could certainly try....maybe wheel it into the house, and claim it as a door stop, and state you can't ride it yet so thats really all it is good for :LOL: ...... other ways are if your not riding it, go but a chain and loop it through the rims/frame and lock it to a post or something and maybe consider an alarm for it, doesn't stop people stealing it, just more work for them..... :(
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  12. Why's that? Don't you ever ride your bike on the road :LOL: It would be a bit hard to claim home and contents insurance if you ever hit someone or vice versa.. Or had a spill on the road + police came..
  13. sorry mate waasn't directed at you, someone asked, until they go check for themselses who know (i certainly don't),but to me it didn't sound so unreasonable, but yeah you could be right.....
  14. cool np....
  15. They will insure it, but when you go to claim you'll have hassles if you aren't off your restrictions. They are just slack on checking stuff out before hand which doesn't really help you.

  16. I wonder if I scrape off the "6" from the "675" and tell them it's 75cc that it will be covered... :LOL:
  17. Concerning the transferring your license up to nsw from Victoria and getting a "gold licence" I don't think it will work as the nsw rta says you need to have held a bike license in Victoria for more than 12months.