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Insurers insuring riding gear?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by taiheung, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas, I was wondering if there are any insurers who will adequately cover riding gear in the event of a motorcycle accident?

    Today I was involved my 3rd motorcycle claim. A driver didn't see me and turned into me as I was passing him. I tried to hit the gas but it was too late. We collided, my bike went down and I hit the pavement pretty hard. Walked away fine but tore my jeans (lost a bit of skin underneath).

    Now, the $200 that AAMI covers me for is not even enough for my jeans, let alone the scratches to my shoes...

    I've told them I'd happily pay more on my premium if they included the value of my gear on the policy but they won't. Is there anyone else out there who will?? This is a huge component of riding. I was wearing $1500 worth of gear today and if it had all gotten damaged I'd be up for nearly the entire cost! I think that is a bit ridiculous considering the helmet at a minimum is compulsary protection.

  2. Try claiming the cost of replacing your r/gear direct from the driver's ins co. You should be able to claim for it. Give their Ins co a call & they'll prob tell you to put it in writing. worth a go.
  3. Plenty of them do. You'll need to ring around. Some automatically cover gear (up to a certain $ limit). Others charge you accordingly for the privilege.

    I can say that QBE and IMR definitely do. RACV and SWANN didn't...and I'm not sure about the others.

    Good luck!
  4. A lot do now it appears. I've been looking at possibly using a different insurer this year and was checking out premiums/plans (Im due on 22 of this month for insurance) and I reckon 5 or 6 out of the 8/9 I tried included gear (some were optionals, jacks up premium and/or excess). Umm from memory, insuremyride, shannons, racv?, western qbe are some I think that included gear (usually up to $1K or $2K)
  5. Western QBE do at no extra cost as of this year.
  6. man you're having a tough run on bikes!

    you should be able to claim it from the person who hit you, if he was insured. I got paid out for a new helmet/gloves/jacket after my off.
  7. There is a standard "letter of demand" in a sticky to be found in the Law and Govt forum.

    The above is correct, you should be able to clain from him / his insurer.
  8. I was told by suncorp that if I wanted my riding gear covered (except my helment) then to add it onto my house and contents policy in the part that covers you when you take your gear with you eg to the beach ect. SO at an extra $50 a year I was stooked.

    Just don't want to have an acco to try it out to see if it works or not.
  9. This is correct - but do you really want to effect the no claim bonus on your entire house??
  10. Swann cover up to $3000 of riding gear for rider and passenger. But if it's the other person's fault, you should bill them for it regardless of whether you have insurance or not.