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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by idontlikemondays, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. has anyone here who is with insuremyride had to make a claim? if so how difficult was it, did they try and get out it?
    im really curious becuase im going to take out full comp with em for the new VTR, but i want to hear specific stories. i did a search and couldnt find much specific info/experiances so any help would be very much appreciated!

  2. Dom,

    Someone here recently had a stack and was insured with them and was singing their praises. Apparently the claim went smoothly and quickly, but for me they only offer market value policies, so I avoided them, besides that, they were only $100 cheaper then my current NRMA policy with agreed value.

    Search again, it will turn up mate
  3. iffracem was the one who claimed with them.

    Watch this space.

    It's my turn to make a claim. Some stupid piece of road flicked up at me and hit the left side of the bike ;)
  4. I just finished up with a claim with them aswell. For an insurance company I was quite impressed. One guy looks after your claim, they regularly call you and keep you up to date with stuff, and even give you a courtesy call once you get your bike back... it was all very easy. 10 points from me! :grin:
  5. thanks people, it sure is good to hear that. i got quoted about 1200 bucks with em, which im more than happy to pay, given the bike still has a market value of around $13k.
    NRMA was $5500. i thought it could all be to good to be true, but it all sound khosha!
    thanks again guys, i really appreciate it!

  6. Is insuremyride part of Aami insurance?
    Because on the Aami website it says something like "if you're after bike insurance click here" and it takes you to the insuremyride homepage.
  7. Sister company, same parent (ie Suncorp). Its closer relation is Shannons...(same underwriting license - AAI).
  8. They should ban road, it is involved in so many accidents!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. i like that insuremyride asks sensible questions that affect a rider's / bike's risk... and thus reduce the cost of the policy
    Questions that Swann and QBE haven't asked me in the past

    Is there an alarm/data dot/immobiliser
    have you done an approved advanced rider course

  10. Rang these guys to check on their cover for ride schools - said they covered Hart courses - but not Superbike School ...... so I'm still with Shannons.
  11. Never had any claim for bikes, Shannons, Swann and all bar WQBE wanted over $1k, in Swanns case still >$1400. WQBE was willing to try to match but wasn't able to compromise how much I wanted to insure my gear. In the end I went with IMR for just under $800. :grin:
  12. I tried (unsuccesfully) to Finance A bike using Insuremyride as the Insurer.

    What a Joke, they only except credit card payments, I asked the consultant if they provide insurance for bikes that have been financed, he said yes, i asked him how they finance companies pay, he couldnt answer. No Finance company will pay a policy with a credit card.

    I spoke to a supervisor to no avail, I was wasting my time and my clients time.

    I will not use them or recommend them to anyone.
  13. Let me get this straight......

    You as a business, on behalf of someone else, tried to pay for their policy with a cheque or EFT and they would not accept it?

    Whilst I find it somewhat bizzare, it's hardly a reason to never recommend them to others.

    I recommend them those that buy bikes off me and not one has had a complaint.

    Maybe they just know all about you and refuse to deal with you :rofl:
  14. The Majority of people Finance the first years Premium, Insuremyride make it impossible to do this by only accepting credit card payments.

    65% of my customers dont own a Credit card, and No Financier will pay by credit card.

    The Call centre staff member and his supervisor, simply did not care!

    If this happens at the Call centre when we try to initiate a Policy I would have concern if you have to make a claim.

    I had the customer call them and then me Frustrated as he couldnt finance his premium, He asked me to organise it, I tried and they have no facility for Financiers.

    There is only one other insurance company that is difficult to deal with, but will after a Nudge.
  15. Steve, did you read their website, cos they make it pretty clear.

    I'll think you'll find everyone who's delt with them, has been fairly impressed & NR's that have had a claim with them have raved about the service.

    BTW, no business can cater for absolutely everybody, Same goes with your business no doubt.
  16. .....sound like Swann would be your best option. They dont have a web site and only deal from the motorcycle dealerships plus you can pay with credit card or cash.
  17. Smitty, he wasn't after a policy for himself. He was wanting to finance the first years premium for the dood he was financing a bike for.
    The quote from their site means, as an example, that they do not offer Peter Stevens an insurance policy for their bikes.

    You are 100% correct that not every man and his dog will be able to get a policy from IMR just like Steve cannot help people that have bad credit etc. I would hate to think that Mr. Bad Credit would be claiming "stupid bike finance dude, never use him, he can't get me insurance"

    I have spoken to IMR and they tell me that they only accept credit card payment for policies that are pay by the month.
    They were going to look into it and get back to me.
    I'll report back once I have an answer.

  18. Thanks Vic,

    Drop me a line when you hear back from them.
  19. In order for them to keep everything simple and running quickly earlier this year when they launched, they opted to run with credit card payment only.
    However they are now looking at accepting payments via other methods.

    Should there be an update, I'll post same.

  20. Kudos & all respect to ya today bud.

    Many would'nt have taken the initiative.

    Have fun in Qld & give Vic a nice corker from me. [​IMG]

    Catchya. [​IMG]

    edit - (sp)