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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by jellikit, May 23, 2009.

  1. So, just thought I'd share my thoughts on my first year of insurance with InsureMyRide.

    I bought my bike May 15th last year, a week after getting my Ls, and got insurance through InsureMyRide. $360/year for a '99 VTR250. I thoguht the price was good and online signup was painless.

    About 6 weeks ago, I crashed my bike (not at fault accident) on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, their customer service lines were closed. Called Monday, friendly people on the phone, organised the bike to be picked up from the CBD and taken to Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings (I believe) to be repaired.

    There were no forms to fill in, it was repaired quickly and dropped back off at my place. A few followup calls to see if I was happy (both from InsureMyRide and Rod @ MMF)

    All in all, its what you want your insurance to be... easy to buy, easy to crash, easy to repair.

  2. Generally the mark of a good insurance company isn't the cost of the premium, it is the way a claim is handled. Glad to hear you were happy with how it all went (and that you weren't injured in the accident).
  3. I am with insuremyride. Did the whole sign up online. They were cheaper, but I was concerned what they would be like when i made a claim. Good to hear your good experience.

  4. I am considering them too. Only hesitation is that they do not protect my no-claim bonus. If they did I would jump in a flash.
  5. Considering them too, but only for third party. I priced NRMA in QLD and they were slightly cheaper - and I'm in Vic so NRMA QLD isn't much help :p . Couldn't find any way to get a quote online from AAMI though, my current car insurer.
  6. I was just about to renew my insurance with them, so this is good to know :grin:
  7. Don't even bother. You can't do it online, and if you ring for one the price (for me anyway) was more than double the competitive quotes from IMR and QBE. I had a car insured with them too, made no difference.
  8. Ah, thanks :cool: . InsureMyRide it is :D
  9. I'm with IMR, very reasonably priced fully comp, its good to know they handle claims well.
  10. Just checked for me, came out 300 more than I'm paying IMR, even the weekend rider option is more expensive. :(
  11. I had this problem and had a response elsewhere that AAMI is Insure My Ride.

    From the IMR website it states that is owned by Suncorp who own AAMI amongst others including Just Car Insurance, AMP/GIO, APIA and Shannons (obtained from the Suncorp website). It always gets to me though that despite having all these brands the pricing is so wildly different.
  12. Firstly, each company held under the Suncorp corporation is treated as a seperate entity. Pricing is forumlated for each companies main ideology and target customer.

    Secondly, if all the prices were the same there wouldn't be any need for competitive pricing. Therefore you would lose out.
  13. InsureMyRide's website says "Save 25% off your premium", does that mean:

    a) InsureMyRide is generally 25% cheaper than other insurers
    b) 25% off the online quote if you go ahead (i.e. if the quote was $1000, then they will charge $750 for first year)
    c) Online quote already includes the 25% off (i.e. if the quote was $1000, then next year renew will be $1333)

    Which one is it? Cheers!
  14. They do a discount if you order it online, if you do it over the phone its a certain % more, cant remember the figure.

  15. The price you receive on the website has a 25% discount from the standard IMR rate. That discount is maintained for the life of the policy.
  16. Good to know everything went smoothly when you really needed them.
  17. IMR wouldn't touch me as i've had one license suspension, so i went with Swann instead.
  18. had imr on the last bike, on this one and will be on the next one that comes in a few weeks. have claimed twice and both times have been great. cheap as with gold service. forgot to can the insurance on the last bike when i sold it and after a few months rang them and they said yeah no probs we'll refund from when you sold it. thats pretty good.even though my license was canned they said as i got it back they will insure any number of bikes.
  19. Ooh what are you getting next? :D