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Insuremyride website quotes, are they off?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Respi, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. I'd like to ask if anyone in insured through these guys and if so what premiums are you paying if you don't mind me asking?

    I'm only curious because every quote I do online is coming back at $678.91 per year which to me seems way off! Granted I'm 30 and have a gold licence and thought I’d be low, but not this low!!

    Is it a mistake or are the premiums really that low for these guys?

    Appreciate any input you guys can offer.

    p.s details I entered are basically as follows;

    Bike: 2007 Yamaha R6
    Youngest Rider: 30
    Insurance type: Full comprehensive
    Suburb Kept: 2112 and always garaged
    Security: data dot
    Excess: Standard
    Riding history: 0 years but have gold licence without penalty for more than 5!
    Finance: No Finance

  2. The quote is as accurate as the data provided by the customer.
  3. Although I appreciate you taking the time to post, it doesn't really address the questions raised, especially considering you're unable to substantiate your view because of your OS location. :(

    Just looking for feedback from other riders who can offer comments based on personal expierences with these guys.


  4. It depends on who you compare them to. I had several quotes for my Raptor 1000, NRMA and other general insurers wanted $1500, insure my ride and Western QBE both came in around $20 of each other, went with QBE because they gave better equipment cover, cost was $560.

    Never use high street insurers if you can help it.
  5. thanks mate, this is the kind of info I was after!!

    NRMA will insure me for $1400 which is a huge diff to insuremyride, hence me questioning it! :)
  6. InsureMyRide have a email facility, so if you have a question for them, why don't send them an email & ask them direct ???
  7. True, but I was after an unbiased response. ;)
  8. Good luck trying to get a unbiased opinion around here... :LOL:

    IMR are cheaper then most, cos they are a specialised bike insurer, unlike other Big name insurance co's like NRMA.. etc, that don't really want to (or know how to) insure bikes, hence why they charge big $$.

    If you have any other questions, you should email them, cos they know their stuff, are really helpful & friendly.

  9. hehehe, thanks mate i'll do that :)
  10. :LOL:

    you really need an avy, 'MG'.

    a gift from me to you.


    mexico = melbourne, AU.
  11. They are cheapest and no there stuff..

    The 14 is only $830 from memory where as others were over $1k..

    You also have the option to add up to $2k worth of mods and can cover your riding gear..

    The $2k of mods cost me an extra $75, so total of $900ish for insurance, Still well under the others.. :grin:
  12. I'll give IMR a little plug.

    I was with RACV last year I haven't had to make a claim with any insurer as yet. But the premium from IMR was slightly cheaper than RACV even after a discount of about $100 for being loyal member. So I chose not to renew and went with IMR. I get better gear cover, and a higher market value on my bike.
  13. perfect!!!

    @ lol at Mexico!
  14. Yeah - you will find that bike specialist insurance companies will give you a much better premium than the bigger general insurers as a rule. I have my home and my car insured with RACV and even with multi insurance discounts, motorbike premiums with them are at least double what I get with Western QBE (and IMR quoted pretty close to WQBE - just a little over in my case).

    So yes, you should have been quoted a fairly accurate figure - but I'd recommend speaking to someone over the phone for a verbal quote as you can often get an even smaller premium than the online quote :wink:
  15. I'm with InsureMyRide, for my '02 ZX6R [I'm under 25].

    $880 for the premium was substantially cheaper than anyone else AND they have a set value for my bike $3k above the agreed value I was specifying with other insurers :eek:

    If I didn't love my bike so much, I'd write if off and turn a profit :p
  16. Almost exactly the same premium ($660) as I am paying for my 05 CBR600, I am 34. So I think it is spot on.
  17. The quote is spot on. I'm with them and find them bloody good value. they absolutely BLEW nrma out of the water
  18. lol wise guy huh! :eek:

    Just remember we all were noobs at one stage - So don't forget it! :LOL:
  19. hehe :LOL:

    & I'm still a nOOb :p
  20. just rang them and actually got someone who saw my post here on netrider forums. She confirmed the rate was accurate, my response to her "awesome"