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Insuremyride price increase 28/5/13

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by smileedude, May 13, 2013.

  1. Just saved $50 with a 1 minute phone call, so thought I would share if anyone is in a similar situation.

    So got my insurance renewal (third party property) and it was a lot more costly than normal. I do have a much larger bike than last year so I assumed this was the increase.

    But just to check I went on the website got a new quote and it was $170 instead of $220. All the details were the same. So I called up. Turns out there is a price increase (30% eeek) on the 28th and my renewal was on the 29th. But since otherwise I could cancel my policy and renew it saving $50 they honoured the $170 quote price.

    So if anyone has Insuremyride renewal due in late May or June get on the phone and have a whine.

    And anyone with insuremyride stop crashing and raising my premiums!
  2. wonder if its just for your particular policy or if they're planning it across the board.... i dont fancy a 30% increase on all the comprehensive policies i have with them.
  3. It sounded like there were increases across the board, but my category got hit fairly badly. When is your next premium due? you may be able to save a bit of money if it's not to far away.
  4. Don't they have some sort of new company structure going on. A new underwriter or something? Might explain it.
  5. Think it was across the board, insured my bike with them around that time. First I got a online quote for about $666 full comp but didn't buy it as was getting the bike later in the week. Then when I was ready to buy I played with the excess and cost was over 1k and couldn't get it back down even when doing a new quote. I called and they mentioned the price increase so I mentioned on the email it said quotes are valid for 30 days can they change it back and honour it as still within 30 days......guy said yes so I bought it straight away over the phone.....not looking forward to what next year may be.....but $666 seemed like a fair deal.
  6. I contacted IMR and they said some quotes will go up, some down and some won't change.
  7. lmao... got 2 of my renewals through from them in the last few weeks... i think the VTR went up $20.... the aprilia went up $800 despite a drop in value.

    i got a call saying the quote they sent was wrong but they didn't say which bike! helpful.
  8. GIO is part of suncorp thus across the board covers about 10 brands in Aus let alone the rest around the world.
  9. I couldn't get my full comp quote under $8600 with IMR. (no typo, 8.6k) for a 2nd hand Ninja1000.

    But if I can save $50 you say?.... Dang, score!
  10. Jesus..... 8600 is ridiculous
  11. There has to be something way outta whack with the details on your application.
    Are you trying to insure a litre bike while on restrictions ?
  12. No, I'm off restrictions in three weeks. Try a quote! 26, unsecured loan, Deer park 3023, garaged, locked, 0 claims, suspensions, cancellations, thefts. Only rider, 2012 ninja 1000hcf, personal use, licenced for 18 months (40,000km travelled)

    Let me know what you get
  13. Why are you telling them about the loan? Unless you used the bike as collateral (which you didn't since it's unsecured), it's none of their business. Maybe that would lower the cost?
  14. Ah ha, as I learnt tonight, I'm rating one. I've never held comprehensive insurance before, and I thought consecutive years of no claims on that was the only way you advanced ratings.

    Rating 6 = $7160
    Rating 1 = $2450

    finance made no difference. No gear or accessory cover. $800 more expensive than the policy I took out tonight with racv.... But they're looking after us riders hey