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Insure My Ride - You're Kidding?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Got my Swann premium this morning $333 full comp $10,500 agreed value.
    Just ran a quick online quote through IMR and got $544 - $10,400 value.[-X
    Guess who's getting my cash again this year………:grin:

  2. I just tried a quote, was $250 more than I'm paying with IMR.
  3. I'll try again at home Phiz. I was suprised.
  4. Just wanted to chime in to say Swann insurance are awesome! just finished a claim with them (not my fault) and they were outstanding! quick pay out, excellent service and they handled the 'at fault' dispute with the other insurance company.
  5. Yeah I'll have another few goes at home too, too hard on this stupid WYSE crap.
  6. I too stayed with Swann after getting a quote from IMR.

    I can't remember the exact figure but it was more than $200 more for IMR than Swann. I pay $214 for comprehensive insurance on $7,200 agreed value.
  7. IMR is $200 cheaper for me.
  8. For me with both bikes (CBF1000 and GS500) Swann is cheaper by ~ $150 for each bike.
  9. Insure my Ride was $200 cheaper than anyone else for me.

    I wonder what's causing the variation...
  10. Age of rider, rider history, location, amount if years insured, chances of theft, Age of bike etc. etc.
  11. Its got to be more than that as those details dont change when you're comparing quotes.

    Swann apparently see me and my bike as a better "risk" than the IMR business model...........
  12. Sure the details don't change when comparing quotes however the rate charged for each factor does.

    Insurance compnaies will always charge different amounts depending on their own perception of the risk. It can even come down to the catergory of bike they place your ride in.
  13. I'd pay an extra $200+ to not be insured by Swann - biggest bunch is useless twats I've ever come across.
    I had an at fault claim with them, it took well over 6 months to sort out and I copped shit on my credit rating because they couldn't be bothered doing their job.
  14. On a Guzzi 1100 Sport there was less than $15 difference when I re-insured a month ago. Went with IMR.
  15. On my R1, swann are approx $400 dearer then IMR....
  16. Have to agree - 22, rating two, Bandit 1250, am paying $800 odd a year insurance - Compared to over $1800 with IMR, and everything from $900 to $3500 with other companies. The only reason I bothered with Comprehensive is I can't afford to bin it (despite that i'd probably DIY/fighter it all, anyway!)

    Was going to go with AAMI, was promised a discount etc as I have my other bike with them... But they don't do over 1000cc.... :-s (Would have thought their biggest risk is the guns on supersport bikes!)
  17. How have you found AAMI? the only good stories I've heard about them are the ones on their ad's.
  18. I haven't had to make a claim on my policy, but my parents are with APIA (joined before you had to be over 55), and have two cars and the house on the policy, had to make two claims the last 5 years, both at fault, and the only trouble we had was at the shop end - One claim call, one "drop it off" call, both cars were in and out of their assessment centre in a day, Cabcharge taxi ride home and Cabcharge pickup back to the centre to pick up one car, the other one, went to the shop to pick up. 5* service.
    (APIA is just another arm of AAMI)
  19. what are you really trying to say? I'm old (ish?) dude, klr 650, country nsw, 1 yr exp. imr 180 dollars cheaper than anyone else.
  20. Probably has something to do with that 240hp at the rear wheel.