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VIC Insure My Ride Premium v Quote

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Saspotato, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    I recently got my renewal for Insure My Ride insurance. It was more than last year so I did a few quotes online including another one with Insure My Ride. The quote came out about $37 cheaper than the renewal notice they sent me out so I emailed them via their website contact details with my insurance policy number and the quote number and they wrote back within an hour adjusted my premium to the lower quote amount.

    My partner had the same issue and his quote was $68 cheaper when he did a quote online.

    In both our cases the details in the premium and the quote were identical.

    So just as an FYI if you have Insure My Ride insurance it might pay to redo the quote online and see if your premium comes out cheaper!
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  2. 'phone them and ask them why, you'll save a bit more.
  3. While searching around for insurance I tried their online quotes a number of times all with same details - never once got the same figure
  4. I was going great until the " has your licence been suspended in the past 5 years" question
  5. I know that feeling....3 months to go (if I make it)
    Then I can finally tick the NO box.
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    Funny part is, never been booked on a bike....

  7. My boyfriend got a response this evening, saying that they are constantly updating their premiums with the latest claim statistics.

    Yes I understand this though a $68 change in a few days is a fairly substantial difference. Makes it worthwhile doing quotes a few times over the month's notice you get to pay the premium given it only takes a few minutes to generate one. They last for 30 days too so just query the cheapest one. They replied both times to us within about an hour.
  8. Unless $68 represents a 100% increase, or you are tight on money, $68 is 3 packs of smokes; nothing.

    If you can be bothered, the best way to save money is check premiums every month. Most don't because they couldn't be bothered with the hassles and only check (if ever) when their next premium is due.

    There you go.

    As I said, premiums can, and do change all the time.



  9. We have lots of money but that's because we shop around and don't pay an extra $110 when we don't have to :p

    My insurance changed three times in the last two weeks so Insure My Ride must update their premiums more often.
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    Or about 12 minutes with one of you legal types.
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  11. Just for a bit of prospective. For my family right now if we lost $60, that would be a week without groceries.
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  12. We can't all afford R8's
  13. While $68 dollars is not a huge amount, if it really means that little to you I can pm you my details for your bank transfer.
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  14. Something tells me Justus could probably do $68k transfer and it wouldn't break the bank
  15. Justus: Let them eat cake!
  16. I'd love to eat cake, but I can't afford cake....
  17. IMR can be very iffy to deal with.

    you know you're a baller when you give no f's for $68!
  18. I've been through this with insure my ride and aami (car). With aami every year my renewal notice comes back higher than a brand new policy.
    from the aami person i spoke to its because new online quotes get discounts that they dont have access to in renewals. insure my ride you get a big discount for applying online.
    when i questioned it and was going to cancel the old policy and take out the new one they magically found a way of discounting it.

    so now every year (this has been going on 6 years) when renewal comes around i do my online quote and then call them (aami). get given the run around and told i need to change my excess bla bla bla. I stay polite and firm and every year i've gotten a discount of between $55 and $100 (which brings it equal to or below the new online quote) without changing anything just by calling up and saying i'm not happy with the price.
  19. Maybe it is because I grew up below the poverty line living on donated food/clothes/etc a lot of the time, but even though I am well off now, I still hate wasting money! I accidentally put $2 more in the parking machine the other day than I needed and was like DAMMIT.
  20. I had the same issue with AAMI so would just let my current policy end and start a new one in the past with my car. I got hit by an uninsured driver once and they were excellent then but I went with IMR for my bike as AAMI quoted me approx $900 v $280 with Insure My Ride.