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N/A | National Insure My Ride insanely expensive?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Seedy, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. *** IGNORE THIS THREAD... I'm a díckhead and typed the wrong rating into the IMR quote ***

    IMR's correct quote was just under $600, not $1500

    I've just started getting quotes for Full Comp insurance for the Z750.

    So far online... exactly the same details

    Insure my ride $1504.00 (AFTER bumping excess up from $400 to $500) This supposedly also includes the 25% discount for insuring online.

    Swann - $324.30 with standard excess.

    I can understand they won't all be similar... but seriously... 5 times more expensive? How are they in business? Just curious.
  2. Gad, you'd be the exception that proves the rule there.

    IMR are usually VERY competitive. Did you requote yourself, to make sure you did it right? and check the Swann one to make sure you put in the right No Claims Bonus etc?
  3. IMR were about half the price of everyone else in my circumstances with the R1
  4. https://www.swanninsurance.com.au/motorcycle/quotes/#motorcycle_deal_submit

    Redbook says 9000 - 10700 so I went with 9500
    2009 Kwaka Z750 L9F
    Full Rego
    3072 postcode
    Locked garage
    Personal use / no additional riders
    birthdate - 1968
    5 years or more licence
    no claims

    That's all they ask... I have just re-entered it all to make sure and got the same quote. Seems very cheap to me, I was expecting $500+
  5. I found Swann to be the cheapest to insure the Bandit but much more expensive when I was looking at getting a Duc Multistrada.

    So check everyone every time.
  6. Have fun with Swann - biggest pack of arsefarmers EVER

    I quite often change details around on quotes to see what is making them so high.

    I first insured my 2006 z750 in 2008 with IMR and it cost about $500
  7. Low volume bikes sometimes do that, a few write offs and the "risk" skyrockets with one company.
  8. i had a claim with swan no probs
  9. Arsefarmers is gold. I was actually intending getting another couple from Shannons and RACV and then doing the Western QBE 'match any quote' shuffle. Wonder if they will match the Swann one.

    I just re-did the IMR one and got a different figure, but still $1430. maybe if I keep doing it all night I'll end up at $50.

  10. My R1 is insured for 13k ( for a blinged 2004 model- their value was $11,500)
    locked garage
    personal use
    birthdate 1969
    65% NCB
    1 year of my full unrestricted bike license
    postcode 2619
    no other riders
    no finance on bike
    no previous claims

    and was $565 approx
  11. That makes no sense at all then. I might jump on the phone tomorrow and ask them WTF is going on. Will post here if they give me anything.
  12. You live in a high theft/accident area - I do not
    granted next year it will be higher due to a 10% loss on my NCB for the accident or is it 20 % or is it nothing as in 65% for life type thing because no claims for so many years

    oh and I paid 12 months in full by cc card online
  13. You will get a loading on your policy that 65% for life is a load of crapola. I remember my car I did a 1500 claim after hitting a roo at the AIS. NRMA kept my no claim but my renewal went up by $550. did an online quote with AAMI and got a quote for $550 all up even disclosing I hit a roo.
    When I got my Ninja quoted the 1st time in Jan IMR wanted around $450. No detail change and 5 months later they wanted $660 for weekend use only. I got kawaski by swann $375 full cover. Same details, but I am sure its a honeymoon rate will see what hapens next yr
  14. Did you get the rim and tire insurance as well?
  15. yes i got my ring insured
  16. No they wanted $16.75 a month for 36 month
  17. I have no idea how much a new rim would cost.

    Gregb, I promised PhoenixRZNG I would play nice, so I think I'm going to have to pretend you dont exist. Sorry.
  18. ive been found out have i dint mean too offend Aly
  19. you haven't offended me but I know I'll take your bait so since I promised to be good I have to ignore you
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  20. Not sure Aly but I I have never done a car rin in my life of driving.