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Insure my ride - experiences?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by I'm Simon, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Before I begin, I tried search but it threw up too many responses.

    I have just purchased an 04' GSX750F and rang my insurance company (Aust Alliance or APIA) to transfer the old policy (ZZR250) to the new bike, turns out they don't insure bikes over 250cc (even though I am an existing customer with home, 2 cars and bike already insured through them). The nice girl on the end of the line points me to "Insure my ride" for online quotes etc, anyways, I get the quote (which I think is pretty reasonable) and then discover that Insure my ride is part of Australian Alliance Insurance :? Because of this reason I choose to go with them.

    So, anyone else here insured with them, how do you find them service wise etc, anyone ever made a claim?

  2. There are no stories of unhappy people that I can recall.
    Only happy customers.

    Australian Alliance Insurance is the parent company.
    APIA also falls under that parent company but you cant get insurance if you are under 55 and working full time.

    It's not uncommon for a parent companies to own similar businesses that cater for different markets.
  3. Thanks Vic, that is what I was hoping to hear. I have been with Aust Alliance for quite a while and have always found them a pleasure to deal with.
  4. From what I hear, they insure your ride.
  5. But if they insure YOUR ride, then who is going to insure mine????
  6. When I renewed mine e-bike was way cheaper and the
    same level of benifits.
  7. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Nice one
  8. Well on first read they seem to be offering a lot more than anyone else for a lot less - so what's the catch?
  9. they get your first born!
  10. Take note of their excesses.

    The basic excess is $1050.
    Plus a bevy of other expensive excesses too.
  11. Are you talking about insuremyride? I know one of them asked for an extra $250 on top of the excess if the bike got stolen :shock:

    I was talking about e-bike insurance and as far as excess payments go they were up there with the best of them. HOWEVER, I'm currently emailing them about another matter which has stopped me dead in my tracks - I'll see what they say before I pass judgment, but it seems like a hell of a deal breaker from where I sit. :(
  12. I figured ebike were an unknown company, not under the ombudsmen... they have massive excess. 1150 vs 850 for insuremyride... and no gear cover either. Seemed they could be ok but bit of a risk really... Their roadside service may be of minimal assistance.
  13. Anyone with QBE?
  14. Btw, IMR is part of the same company as Shannons.
  15. Was, made a claim, got a quote from IMR for new bike, QBE matched it so long as it had $4,000 gear coverage
  16. I just got insurance from ebike and the guy told me that the excess was something like $450 and they'll cover up to $4k worth of gear under my premium. As I read the posts above I thought they must just love old dudes with expensive bikes but I think I'll check my policy wording anyway!
  17. Just eBike. I was looking up insurance for my new GSXR750, I was quoted $2500 from QBE, got a $1400 figure from eBike and QBE matched it no problem.

    From their list of excesses on the summary list from making an online quote.
  18. Ahhhhhh, it obviously pays to be old and not have a claim for

    ummmmm......OMG......32 years !!!
  19. Have ended up with QBE, IMR were less than helpful on the phone, while QBE were fantastic and gave me a great price.