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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by wings9000, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    Can anyone recommend which insurance to insure my new Le Grande?

  2. I'm with Western QBE (www.qbe.com.au or 1300 667 411). There pricing/inclusions seemed to be the most competitive when I was shopping around for insurance for my scooter around 6 months ago.


  3. What about the terms and conditions and coverage comparisons.. and the response time i.e. claims...

    So far I know insuremyride (aami's referral), myscooter (arista) and ebike. Havent looked at qbe yet...will do so tonite..

    thanks mate!
  4. Oh one more question....

    Agreed Value or Market Value if it's brand new with 4 years warranty (bolwell)
  5. With increasing amounts of new, cheaply built scooters coming out of China resulting in greater competition, a drop in sale prices and therefore a decrease in market value, I'd be going with Agreed Value if you can. Of course the trade-off there is that your yearly insurance premium may be a little higher than if you were going with Market Value. I'd get a quote on both Agreed and Market Value (with a pre-determined figure of what you want the Agreed Value to be) and then make a decision. :)


  6. Hi Jimbalaya

    Thanks for the tip.. i'll keep that in mind.

    What if I dun have a car insurance in the past 5years but I am definitely a Rating 1 for life... I sold my car since 2001... and some online quote question abt what car rating and what is your current insurer.. i have difficulty answering that..


    havent sort out the insurance part yet.. looked at qbe.com.au.. cudnt get an online quote - require to call them.. but i read their PDS... have alot of excess in to pay.. since am an "L" for scooter.. argh..

    how can i make it simple...
  7. be cautious if you only getting online quotes because sometimes when you ring up you can get quite different prices.

    Spend an hour ringing up all the companies and getting quotes. that way you can explain your situation and they will give you their best price and tell you about the excesses etc etc.
  8. Thx duffman..
    i'll ring them first thing in morning then..
    i'd get in trouble wif my work time sheets..
  9. Hey Jiimba

    QBE quoted me $189 for Comprehensive with excess $350 std + $250 inexperienced under 3yrs..Cover of helmet, leather gears up to $4000, hire vehicle up to 14days, with netrider member 5% discount + registered and named rider with clean history (5% disc.)

    Is that about right?
    That's alot of excess.. Arista have the lowest excess, $200 tho the premium is $339 online.. need to call them.
  10. Yeah Wings, that sounds pretty right.

    Re the excess, alot of these mobs have ways of upping the excess such as inexperienced rider/age excess etc, and unfortunately it seems to be par for the course.

    It probably is a good idea to do what Duffman said and give the different companies a call to ensure you're getting exactly what you want for the doh you're handing over.



    PS: Other things with these companies that I like to look at are things like: how readily can you contact them (ie are you put on hold for ages waiting for a real person to talk to to, and do they have limited office hours) and how easy is it to make a claim? ie some do paperless claims these days. Just some stuff to consider.
  11. hmm when i called QBE ard 515pm today.. i was on hold for at least 5-8mins.. is tat gud??

    anybody had issues with QBE's customer service/claims b4??

    anybody with insuremyride insurance?
    looks like not much a choice..
    u can't really check how the efficient are the claims until u take up d cover n *touch wood* neva hafta go thru a claim...
  12. Got a quote from RACV.

    Rating 1 for life.. Premium = $299.71 + $450 excess
    Only cover bike+helmet if in an accident and damaged.. otherwise theft is not covered for helmet.

    ARista has the lowest excess.. at least $500 cover for gear.. tat will cover the helmet and a summer jacket..

    sighs.. I read abt Suncorp, Gio.. argh.. running out of time..
    no time to call these companies..
  13. Hey guys...

    what is more important, the lower premium with higher excess or higher premium with lower excess?

    1. Arista = $356 P + $200 Xcess
    2. IMR = $277 P + $400 Xcess
    3. QBE = $189 P + $350 Xstd + $250Xinexperienced<3yrs
    4. RACV = $300 P + $450 Xcess

    The way i see it, since m a beginner, i haf no idea how many accidents wotso eva.. or how bad luck i am... i consider the Premium + Xcess for the year.. and choose the one with least total...

    in this case wud be ARista compared with the rest.. i cant deny the fact accidents can happen.. like one of u guys said.. mite have 3 incidents in a year.. the excess wud b $600 for arista, $1200 for IMR, $1800 for QBE and RACV $1350!!

    unless m an experienced rider like i am wiht a car.. at least 14yrs driving history now.. then i'd go for low premium anytime..

    I hope Arista dun have bad claim records... nothing abt bad claims from ARista from the threads.. if i had miss any, pls update me yeah..

    orite.. gud nite.. anyone feel free to give ur 2cents... before i sign up for Arista tomoro morning.. going haf a rest now n pray my new bike is safe in the garage...

  14. Hey guys,

    just an update..
    m going with QBE at this stage... coz i called arista and they quoted $426 premium and do not recognize Rating 1 for car drivers, and Learner's are more expensive..the online quote is not tat accurate (duffman u are rite) told me that until i get the Ps, then I can cancel the first policy and buy a new policy under "P"... hmm guess that's more than I should be paying for from other insurers..

    IMR only does market value, not agreed value.. there's a flaw there..

    This leaves RACV and QBE but RACV dun cover gears as well as QBE does at this moment.. so my verdict for now, is QBE.. QBE waive my previous history evidence (thank you - but so does RACV)

    try my best to keep the bike upright for rest of the year.. be very very careful and hope i get by to the following year.. maybe someth better next year..

    so thank God, i'm covered from today till 8th April (when I pay the premium), so have time till then to reconsider the insurer.. any feedback is much appreciate.. if m not thinking rational, pls steer me back to position!!

    thanks guys!
  15. I am with IMR for the bikes and scooter..

    Scooter is $250 full comp and the std $400 excess.
  16. thanx for the info..

    but IMR does market value.. n the current market value do not correlate with the brand new price.. $500 short.. so.. it works out the same..
    IMR total for the year wud b 650 but not agreed value
    QBE total 789 compared with RACV 750, therefore i took QBE for now..

    unless IMR does agreed value.. i very much want to go wif IMR..