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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. What are you meant to do if you are involved in an accident.

    Ok on the 5th of last month i was involved in a prang with a car. We simply swapped the following details
    Names, contact details and license number.

    Today i received a letter from his insurance brokers asking to supply a cheque to cover the costs of the repair and attached is a quotation for the repairs.

    A friend said i should have told them who i was insured with so the letter would have gone directly to them. However i thought their insurance company could find out who i was insured with and taken it up directly with my insurance company.

    Are you meant to advise the other person who you are insured with at an accident?
  2. "Brokers" being the appropriate word, thus they are not an insurance company or underwriters themselves.

    If "them" is the other driver at the time of the accident, then yes that usually makes it easier for everyone.

    Not unless you've told the driver and/or them.

    Not meant to (as in legally required), but it does make it easier for everyone.

    Just forward or fax the documents you received to your insurance company with customer and/or claim number and they'll take care of the rest.
  3. It's optional to inform the other person about your insurance details. The letter you got should have something written on it that says, either contact us to make payment or forward this letter to your insurance company immediately.

    If you were at fault and made a comprehensive claim with your insurance company, just forward the letter over and your company will take care of it.

    If you weren't at fault, advise your insurance company and they should help you fight it.

    If the quote for the damages is within a few hundred dollars of your excess (unlikely), just pay the thing yourself. Don't get insurance involved, it'll keep your No claim bonus intact.

    If you have insurance and haven't yet made a claim, now would be a very good time.
  4. Ok thanks for the info, it is what i thought.
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    evan if u do get insurance details or give them ur insurance wont pay up until u call them and make a claim and pay wateva excess.

    i have been involved in or had my cars involed in accidents about 3 times none of which have been my fault and still tryin to get money for 2 of em, i hate people that jus cant admit wen they are wrong, good on u for admitting fault if it is your fault, some people are jus to scarred to do that.

    an a tip for every1 always contact ur insurance company dont take calls from them as i have had other parties contact me posing as insurance co's tryin to get me to admit liability, some people are idiots
  6. I'd actually modify point three if I may MG. If you have a mobile phone with a cam, take as many pics as you can. I'll argue a sketch, a picture....