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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Andrew-G, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. I am looking at getting 3rd party and fire and theft for my 1980 xs650. I an only 19 and on my L's. Does anyone know the best insurance company? I have one quote for $250 P.A. from one insurance company. Does that sound like a good deal? My car is insured thru RACT and they don't do bikes, so i cant get a good deal with them.

  2. Try Insure My Ride but I don't think you will get it that cheap just so u know as well IMR do not do a 3rd party Fire & Theft policy you need to get a quote for 3rd party and Theft. Oh and don't worry if your bike is not on the list my 2003 ZXR250S wasn't and i just called and they asked me some questions about the bike did some research and 2 days later it was on the list!
  3. Iv got my 1987 SRX250 insured with AAMI for $104 p/a. im on my Ps. RACV and Insure My Ride are also cheap. Also search, theres lots of this sort of diuscussion.
  4. Where'd you get one of those?? They stopped manufacturing the ZXR in 1999..
  5. I suggest spending some time on the phone.

    Contact all of the major insurers for quotes. (Google is your friend)

    Some companies (QBE specifically) will price match, although I must admit that I'm not sure if this is the case unless you're getting full compo.
    Anyone :?:

    A little bit of research now will pay off in the end.
  6. Not to get off topic but they made some from 2001 to 2004 in a Kawa Factory in Malaysia from the 1999 part as the had heaps left over they were all Grey with black decals and called a ZXR250S only a few of them is Aus Peter Stevens in the city (melb) sold them as a New bike in 04 & 05 (I think). For some reasons there is not that much info on them but when you look into it and ask around you find out more about them. The reasons i went with the 'S' is because it was never ridden overseas and therefore was more likely to have genuine Km's on it
  7. I've found Western QBE the best for my bike insurance, including cover for gear at no extra charge.
  8. Nice, thanks for that. I didn't know about the Malay connection. Cheers.
  9. I think for us youngens QBE is expensive but then again so is eveyone else

    Oh and i forgot make sure you check the excess when i looked into it it was 1000 Under 1 year on L's 450 under 25 and then 400 standard so yea not cheap to make a claim
  10. There are about 10,000 discussions on insurance in this section. Go and read them and you will be the smartest insurance customer in Australia, and you will buy the best deal for you (not necessarily the cheapest).
  11. I agree with ^^^ do a search, theres been truck loads of dicussion on insurance.

    Or just do a Google search.
  12. I got under 60 a month full comprehensive for the Honda with AAMI..
  13. Well, how's that InsureMyRide understands what riders go through as stated on the website but doesn't have every model ????
  14. Not sure how much you know about ZXR but these ones with late build dates are rare as for IMR not having them on there list NO company I ran across had then there list (nor are they in Redbook) & IMR were the only one who were happy to investigate further. QBE told me that if it's not in Redbook they can not help me. So in this case I would say that Yes! IMR did understand me as a rider and I would have to agree with there Sales Pitch