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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dirrin, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Yea Full Comp I know will need it some time

  2. Yea 3rd Party Fire & Theft thats all i need

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  3. Na Stuff that not worth it

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  1. Hi Guys I got a quote for a 93 Kawa ZXR250 which is a grey import from QBE they quoted me $2200 full comp I then got a quote for a CBR250RR and the quote was $2600 i asked why it was more and he said it didn't really matter if it was Grey or not it was because it was because it was 4 Stroke / 4 Cylinders is this normal? as some told me that CBR (RR) are only about $1000 full comp

  2. Full comp (without the "I know I will need it sometime" bit).

    You're 20. Insurance is going to hurt no matter what you do. Lube up. :wink:

    As for the "Na stuff that, not worth it", if you run into me with no insurance, you're very likely to run into my fist too. :evil:
  3. i didnt think u could register a bike without third party :-k
  4. definitely full comp, but I was 37 and had a ZZR250. I needed it.

    "Na stuff that, not worth it" - hit a BMW or Merc and then think about it's worth ?
  5. Don't confuse third party personal injury (TAC or pink/green[whatever colour in NSW]) with third party property damage insurance.

    3rd Party Injury is a part of your Rego and covers medical costs while 3rd Party Property Insurance covers you for damage you do to other peoples property when you crash (doesn't fix your bike) while full comprehensive property insurance fixes everything.
  6. Thanks guys and DW I’ll get some form of insurance but is it normal for a CBR RR to be the same as a Kawa which is a grey reasons I thought CBR250RR were so popular was cause they were the only 4/4 that was officially imported making it cheaper for insurance and parts ?
  7. Note that my bike was worth about 1/3 the insurance quote, hence the nah stuff it....
  8. Check out your age, then look at the accident/risk stats, and then come back and ask a question that doesn't have an obvious answer :roll:.

    {My insurance costs $348 per year with QBE.....}
  9. Yea considering you have to be a nutter in the first place to sit on an engine with wheels attached and use it as transport, insurance prices don't seem that unreasonable! I'm on full comp, but when i get a 600/litre bike prob gonna try an get away with the latter..
  10. I'm 19 and was getting similar quotes for my suzuki bandit so i gave AAMI a call and because my car was with them they offered me full comp for $500.
  11. Just 3rd party here.

    Still in two minds about it.

    Bought my bike pretty cheep and full comp was a bit of a rip.

    Im well aware of the risks and will defo upgrade to full comp given some time and absolutely when i get my next set of wheels.
  12. I had full comp, but probably shouldn't have. $4k bike value, full comp was $700 (GPX250 - much cheaper than your grey imports).

    The reason I say I shouldn't have is the excess was too ridiculous to make it worthwhile. Theft was unlikely (it's a 250 in secure parking), and any crash that wasn't a total writeoff would be cheaper to fix myself than pay the $1000 excess (and cop increased premiums over the next few years, worth even more $$$). The couple of times I did drop it it was so cheap to fix it was pointless having insurance anyway.

    3rd party though, for sure. Also useful if you're in a not-at-fault accident: you're insurer will pay out up to $5k if the other party doesn't pay up.
  13. Buy a $1k bike, get third party and throw it away if you break it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. i was quoted 2.2k for a zzr (brand new) and 1k for a gpx (brand new). im 21 years old with no previous riding experience or ratings. so i got the gpx coz of the price of insurance. I asked the guy why and he said coz there were more insurance claims on the zzr compared to the gpx therefore the bigger difference. this was at swanns.

    For RACV....i was quoted 2.4k for the gpx. i walked out immediately.
  15. Insurance will hurt if you don't have a good record or som experience. I started off on a Spada when I was 23 and got full comp for $250/yr, then moved onto an Across for $370/yr and my cbr600 is $700/yr. Instead of looking at 'sports' 250's maybe look at the Across/Bandit etc, they have the same if not more power, but are much cheaper to insure.