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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. None (compulsory third party only)

  2. Fire and theft only

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  3. Comprehensive

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  4. Third party - Non Compulsory

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  1. Let's establish a baseline of what people have.

  2. I've always had full comp on my bikes no matter how much it costs. To tell you the truth it's not actually that much considering the bike is my pride and joy! :grin:

    At the end of the day, you never know what can happen. :roll:
  3. In this respect i supppose it was wise for me to be a late starter,41. I've got full cover on my gpx 250 for next to nothing.
    Is just u25 males that get stung or is it the same for both genders, the media seem to have a bee in its bonnet about young males all the time and ive seen a close if not equal to amount of females that were a worry on the road
  4. Good idea this thread, also might be good if people that don't have comprehensive insurance to give some reasons why not.
    This will help people understand what best type of insurance suits themself.
  5. 3rd party only.

    Yor Lambougeeneez is safe!
  6. Full comp for me. I saved up for this bike and can not afford to replace it just yet if it gets damaged. Also if i cause an accident i would like to think i have paid towards fixing anything i damage instead of others wearing the costs!
  7. I had full comprehensive for my Cb250.
    cost me $440 a year in my first year, then $220 a year the following one.
  8. Third Party...

    Full Comps too expensive and by the time its cheap enough my bike wont be worth insuring anyways.

    Hopefully when i get a new bike next year it might be affordable...
  9. I've always ponied up for full comp, and I've come out ahead on that equation.... Well ahead :)
  10. My two bikes are fully comprehensive but my car is just third party property, theft and fire.

  11. full comp for me as well.
    same for my car.

    i've always taken the view that if you cant afford insurance then you cant afford the bike/car.

    For my mind we should have compulsory third party (not the rego kind) as a minimum. Think they have that in the UK, where you have to show your insurance before you are allowed to register the bike.
  12. I have full comp. As stated in the previous thread. I wore the cost burden as young guy as I figured the cost was worth the protection.

    There IS a reason for this. Highest risk group in ALL motoring categories. male 21 and group 22-25yrs have a significanlty higher crash risk.

    I'm no lover of insurance companies but it serves a purpose and I value my bike (and car) enough to pay for the protection even though I hope to never need it
  13. 0.... no insurance. none.
  14. This poll is flawed. There should be an option for "Third party - non compulsory".

    I have nothing to click. I feel totally disenfranchised.
  15. I'm fully comp too...

    Guess it was drilled into me in the uk - and I've stuck with it ever since...

    However, the reason I guess I got into fully comp - was whenever I bought a new vehicle in the uk - I was always offered 2 years free fully comp insurance - so by the third year when you have to start paying, the premium is always lower...this happened to me loads - even when I bought second hand...

    Not sure if they do it with bikes over there though - but its definately an incentive to have fully comp insurance if the first year or two is free...
  16. Yeah, Big Bird, I realised that on the bike on the way in to work (where I do a lot of my best thinking). Sorry 'bout that. I was confused momentarily between the compulsory third party injury insurance and the non-compulsory third party property insurance.

    Not sure if I can fix the poll now - I suspect not.

    IMO anyone who doesn't have third party property is a goose of the highest order: only have to tail end one dickhead in a Merc or Porsche who slams on the anchors in front of you and you'll end up paying off half a freakin' house with diddly to show for it.
  17. All fixed for you.

    Third Party property is not compulsary in Victoria, not sure what happens in other states.
  18. Always full comprehensive insurance on every car and bike I have ever owned. The cars might have been ratty and fifth hand, the bikes have always been new and shiny, but no matter they had an insurance premium paid on them before I picked them up. I just think its the responsible thing to do. At one stage, I didn't have enough money to register or insure a car, so it sat in the garage and it didn't go anywhere until I could meet those commitments.
  19. Nice work doit, thanks.

    Yeah, I don't think third party property is compulsory anywhere in Australia, only third party personal injury.

    As someone pointed out elsewhere, it's a huge pain in the arse for the 'innocent' party if you're crashed into by someone who doesn't have insurance... you end up screwed in all sorts of ways.
  20. I have cast my vote. I must be enfranchised now. Thank you doit and Bravus.

    If your bike is second hand, no finance involved, not worth that much (subjective) and you are willing to walk away from it if you throw it down the road then "Fully comp" is a waste of money.
    Everybody has a different dollar value at which point they feel the risk is too big and they must have "Fully Comp". I am not near my "Fully Comp" point.

    Third party property is a different story. There is no way I can cover a possible 20 million dollar claim. I would not throw my leg over a bike with out it.