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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by FZRSpock, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. hello
    this topic has probably been covered in detail sometime before (haven't they all?) but I couldn't chase up a relevant thread - anyway I've just got myself a shmick little '97 yzf600r coming off my restrictions and feel like i need to insure it.
    But do i?
    The best quote I've had is for $500 comp. and realistically thats 10% of the bike value (paid every year), with $500 excess and $1000 excess for theft. Maybe its better just to get a good bike lock and keep my nose clean. After all I'll be taking it on the track ocasionally and thats hardly gonna be covered anyway.
    Anyone got any insurance advice? Is that a reasonable comp. price?

    By the way the bike is SWEET! Recommend a fundercat to any post-leaners out there.
  2. Having no insurance is all good until it goes pear shaped and you run up the arse of somebody else...not only do you have a wrecked bike you are also digging deep into your pockets to pay for any damage you have caused. I don't know your age but $500 is sweet fcuk all for comp insurance on a bike...I'm of the firm belief if you can't afford the insurance you shouldn't ride/drive it.

    It's your choice but shit does happen and if it does $500 for insurance is a small price to pay :)
  3. Depends what you can live with i guess, odds are you will go sliding down the road at least once, could be tomorrow, could be in 10 years.
    Can you afford the $500 per year?? if you trash the bike tomorrow can you afford to basicaly throw away the $$$ you paid for the bike??

    Only you can decide BUT thats the 2 criteria i use when taking out insurance, what ever you decide make sure you AT LEAST have third party.
  4. yeah i'm with you on the 3rd party, only problem is the dick who i was dealing with on the phone said it was MORE expensive to get 3rd party fire and theft. WTF? thats when i started thinking outside the square. I know everyone says you've got to get insurance, but sometimes I really think - screw the system - I've paid 10 yrs worth of car insurance and never claimed a cent - probably paid insurance companies as much as my battered '93 commode is worth.
    But its a rough decision to make - especially on the bike.
  5. which company is this? most insurance joints don't do fire and theft.

    personally $500 sounds cheap, but i'm guessing our ages are a bit different and that has a part to play in the matter.
  6. Western QBE.
    30 years i have walked (and rode) this earth.
  7. Murphy's law says as soon as you don't have insurance, something will happen....I reckon you're paying for peace of mind too
  8. Extended 3rd party covers the Rolls Royce you or your bike may hit! If you don't want your bike replaced at least do the other driver / rider the courtesy of making sure you can replace their vehicle! Personally I think this should be mandatory & built into the CTP insurance! I've been hit by an uninsured driver & it caused a major head f**k
  9. Get the insurance, for my sake as well.
    I hate when you have an accident and the bastard says "I dont have insurance and cant afford to pay you."

    Not only do you have no bike/car, but if at least one party has no insurance your looking at $$ for legal fees to try recover the money you will lose after the accident.

    Its a no brainer, get the insurance.
  10. One option is to get third party property cover. In case you damage somebody else's vehicle or property you are covered. But you will find that there is not much difference between the cost of a third party property cover and a comp cover. So i would go for a comp especially with the price quoted to you.

    Whatever you do, don't go out there without any insurance.
  11. Always have at least third party.
    Damage to your own bike is limited to its value, but you can do a crap load of damage to other peoples property which will bankrupt you.

    Now before you say little bike cant hurt big car or truck, see here.

    On a ride last month a rider ran up the back of a car, minimal damage to the car. But that didnt stop full sik Habib from causing dramas and demanding his car (a 15 year old RX7 pos that he claimed was worth $35k) be towed on a flatbed because it was undrivable because the steering was bent (from bike smashing its rear indicator).
    The rider had full insurance so didnt have to deal with the wanker, but that would be a serious pain in the ass if you didnt have any insurance.

    I pay $320 for third party. $500 is dirt cheap as it gets for full comp, I would get that.
  12. was just about to create a post asking about insurance ... saw this one

    a mate told me about an insurance co that insures only motorbikes regardless of what u do with them ie. paddock bash, stunt riding, road use, etc.

    he said he thought it was called american motorcycle insurance or something similar

    has anyone heard of it and know their proper name?

    i tried googling it but came up empty :?

  13. There was some compay advertising in the mags (two wheels and the like) about 3 years back, i enquired about insurance for my dirt bike at the time and they WILL insure just about anybike for any activity but the premiums were $$$$$$ huge.
  14. mate for 500 just pay it... fo rthe same bike, mine is a 98, and i have been qouted 1100 :shock:.... although i am still chasing round other places atm
  15. $ 500.00 is about 1 major service and a good set of gloves ,is your bike worth that :shock:
  16. Man, wish I had a bike that costed only $500 for full comp. I've never had to use it, but if I do I know it was worth it.
  17. My full comps only bout $500 on the VFR, probably cause i'm an old fart APARENTLY
  18. My VFR '00 used to be about ~$750 a year when I was 27. I thought that was well fair :)
  19. Get this then... Just went through the process of getting quotes for my ZZR-1100 (worth about $8000) and I got a quote from one (large) insurance company for....

    $3872.00 (per year) WOW !

    Needless to say, I dint insure with them... Cost me $475.00 instead !

    INSURE !!!
  20. rang 1/2 doz agents and the premium range was astromonical

    the cheapest quote i got was $810 but they wouldnt insure for market value only purchase price let alone any extras

    the dearest was $2729 which was for market value but wouldnt allow for any extras or after market accessories on bike ie. exhaust system, sissy bar etc.

    market value of my bike is $9400 plus $1200 in extras

    how in the f@*% can it vary so much ??

    and for anyone's information ... shannon's will only insure if u are a "recreational" rider ... didnt waste my time asking for a definition


    CGU only insure if you are defence personnel (which i found out after 3/4hr of me=question her=can i just put u on hold for a min whilst i check)