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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all upgrade time is going to be upon me soon (not soon enough :( ) and I am tossing up some potential bikes to upgrade to.

    The candidates are:

    Suzuki SV 1000
    Honda VTR-1000
    Honda VFR-800
    Kawasaki Z-1000 or 750

    Insurance obviously plays a large part in buying a bike as there is not much point buying your dream bike, if after paying the insurance premium you can't afford the petrol to ride the damn thing. I also don't want to get the wrong kind of policy...I would prefer agreed value, riding gear cover etc...

    I know I would need to get quotes myself as location, age and experience make a huge diffrence to the premiums you pay. I'm just looking for some advice/experiences with different insurance companies/policies and what was good/not so good about them.

    I just got a quote from AAMI on a 2004 VFR-800, agreed value of $14,500, Rating 5(their best rating for bikes), $500 excess, Gear cover up to $200 :roll: and the bike is only to be ridden by people my age or older...for the princely sum of $1434 per year full comp.

    what do you think, competitive or not?


  2. $1434 Ouch... Ive been looking around for a new bike the last few weeks.
    I was quoted $832 from QBE for the same bike at a rating 1.
    The VTR was quoted at $1200, was quoted the same for the SP2. Now wheres the logic in that..

    It might pay to give them a call..
  3. My scooter they wanted 2.5k , were did i go wrong :(
  4. shit price for someone your age, keep looking.
  5. I called AAMI as my car is insured with them and they wanted $1200 and the highest rating I could have was 6 (neve dropped a bike in 12 years). Called RACV and they were $380. Some car insurance companies only look at the engine size and do not look at the risk factor of the bike model. Most of the bikes you are looking at are performance bikes so the insirance waill be pricey.
  6. oh come on I'm not THAT old :p *picks up walking stick and hobbles off into the distance*

    I will try around some others...Faye I'm with QBE at the moment but I don't think they offer agreed value...and if I'm gonna spend some serious coin on a new toy it's something I want. Pnut suggested I ring GIO so will give them a try and see how i go...maybe try Shannons too

  7. Im with QBE, i have agreed value.
    And 14 months for the price of 12 for being a MRA member.
  8. try western QBE... if the bike is owned and not under a secured loan they are very competative........ I insured my 6 through them.
  9. i'm with western QBE.

    about $880 premium. The VFR is not in the top category. I also have a rating 2.
  10. I am through RACV. They go by your driving history so they can be very cheap, AAmi wanted $600 for full comp, RACV was $238. I have been a rating 1 car driver since I was 23 so they took that into account.
    Thats on market value though not sure what it would have been for agreed.
    If I stack it in the first 2 years I get a brand new replacement.
  11. I have been doen some serious shopping around for insurance as i am getting my first bike, And just my luck i am in the statistically worst age group and most expensive bike size to insure (the 600cc). Out of all the places i found only three places where competitive, QBE, Swan and Suncorp (I think they are a national bank based in QLD) Everywhere else was just a joke. But is very hard to get a Swan quote, bike shops and Bendigo Bank can do them usually.
  12. Beats $3700 a year for an SP1 :)

    My VTR is insured with WQBE for $482 a year full comp.

    Do the online quote request by clicking their banner at the top of this page.
  13. As you've already said, GIO was a good price for Pnut's VTR and they did agreed value (which was great :dance: ) but I'm with QBE and I've got mine insured for agreed value (which by the way is twice what they "believe" the market value is.....)

    I'd check with QBE on the agreed/market value before swapping.....but of course if you're premium will be cheaper elsewhere, get goin!!!

    :grin: :grin: :grin: