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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fishbulb, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. im lookin gat a 1000+cc bike... im 32 and have a full unblemished licence in 2 countries...

    who among you would risk taking a guess at a full cover cost???

    ok now for a 1200?
    is there a difference?

    or do i go and buy a corolla? :p
  2. What rating are you at present?
    Where do you live (suburb of what city)?
    Will you be the only rider?
    Will it be kept garaged & locked, or in a carport, or parked off the street?
    What will be rough agreed value of the bike?
    Will it be a sports-bike? A tourer? A cruiser?
    Will you be commuting daily? Weekend riding only?
    Using it for work?

    i.e. how long is a piece of string?

    Anything from as low as $500pa upwards for full comp, for either, or even uninsurable depending on your answers.
  3. pyrmont sydney
    garaged and locked
    sport tourer (maybe bandit 1200)
    yes i will commute
    no for work

    ie twice half its length

    cheers... not much help but a start...
  4. Ok, rough stab in the dark, around $600-$1500 full comp, depending on which insurer you go with, and depending on what rating you are. (Cheaper if rating 1, expensive if rating 6).
  5. ouch... what does the rating system entail??

    im old and never crashed.... am i a 1?

    do you guys have state insurance here?
  6. well if you have some proof of your previous insurance with no claim you could most likely be started at rating 1. I would say if you buy a sports bike you will be looking around the $1400 mark. then something not quite so sporty like the bandit i reckon around the $800-$900 mark.. Just for curiousity sake i am rating one age 34 and pay $1400 on the 12.
  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yipes.....this almost puts a bike out of reach... you can buy a lot of car fuel for that...

    any guesses on a cb?? cheaper? maybe? im only after a guess mind.
  8. cb what.. cbr1000 ??
  9. yup... im just curious...

    i know what i want but i need to be able to pay fer it...


  10. CBR1000rr comes under catergory 5 insurance. I think most of these bikes are around the $1400-$1500 mark. Now thats for new bikes and i only just bought mine 7 months ago so i did my insurance home work on my options back then. As for secondhand i am not sure on the price so you will have to check. Try western qbe and swann, they are the 2 best around for bike insurance..
  11. HOLY MOLEY!!

    i guess that the outcome from this conversation is that i will have to suss out insurance for each type of bike first...

    in nz all i did was tack my bike onto my car insurance... it was about 250 extra a year...( total being less than 500 i think)

    are you looking at a website or just very well versed in insurance??
  12. I'm paying under $700 for full comp on my cb900F... And that's on rating three, with an at-fault bus stack months before I insured the new bike, and I'd never had comprehensive before.

    But... it's a naked, so that makes it apparently cheaper to repair and less likely to be stolen.

    Fockload of fun to ride though.
  13. hi loz....

    this the kind of news i like....

    would a bandit with no faring count as naked???
  14. ok heres an alternative for the few watching..

    what shoud i buy??

    post 95 900+
    suitable for 2 up touring....

    go on surprise me...
  15. Just know my bit about insurance. And yes if you have fairings, you will pay for it, big time. Naked of course much cheaper to insure..
  16. ok ...

    so fairing =
    wait how do i add pics??
  17. you need to use photobucket and create an account and set up an album.
  18. Fishbulb, quick question. What bike do you have now? Do you have a valid full rider license in Australia?
  19. quick answer...

    no bike at the moment...

    yes valid full adult licence "R" class in NSW (aussie)

  20. Okay, was just wondering. Judging by some of your questions you're relatively new to biking in Australia, and just wanted to be sure that you were aware of the licensing procedure here as well, just in case you had literally gotten off a plane and were looking to grab a bike, and then not be able to insure it because you aren't adequately licensed for it.

    Don't take offense, just making sure that you're fine on that score.