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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. I think this is the right place for this thread...

    Anyway guys I was looking at comprehensive insurance prices on InsureMyRide.com.au for a few bikes to see which I will be able to afford when I come off restrictions, and just had a few questions.

    At the start of the quote, it says how often do you use this bike and gives 3 options, daily, limited and weekend/recreational. The last option gives you the cheapest premium, but I was wondering if I crashed my bike on the way to TAFE or something during the week, would they consider not paying because I said I only use it on the weekend? Should I just be honest and say 'Limited - 4 days a week or less'?

    Also what is "Inexperienced Rider" excess? I put down that I will have 1 year experience when I will be buying anew bike but does this still make me an Inexperienced Rider? will I have to pay the $1500 excess if Im at fault? or is it for if I lied and dont have my full license yet? heres a pic so you can see what Im talking about:


    Thanks for your help guys, Im starting to think that insurance is meant to be confusing. :roll:
  2. As far as i can see it says that a maximum of 2 excesses will apply thats the 400 dollar standard and also one of the 3 excesses that are listed whichever is greater. Yes i beleive you would still be classified as a inexperienced rider so the excess in the event of a claim will be 400+1500= 1900.
    Somewhere i read or was told after 5 years of riding you loose the inexperienced tag (could be wrong but that's what i think).

    Don't know much about the use of bikes question, but i would say that you should put down limited use 4days or less to be safe, if the weekend is a strict determination then there could be trouble IMO.

    Plus make sure you check out other companies.
    For example IMR quoted me 1500 on comp, AAMI quoted me 509!!! and i am the same age as you, then there is always western qbe etc. I guess it does depend o the bike though.

    Good luck too.
  3. claim "limited" as payment of insurance is determined by lawyers.

    and there should be a definition on the site of "inexperienced". If not call them.
  4. Your premium is $1600

    ... so IF you claim it costs you $400 + $400 + $1500 in excesses?

    Crash inside a year and it costs YOU nearly $4k for the insurance company to repair/replace your bike?

    How much is your 1993 ZZR250 worth?!?

    3rd property, fire & theft is your friend... go with NRMA and they throw in emergency health cover even if you're at fault.
  5. I think its for bikes that he would be looking at purchasing after he gets off his restrictions...
  6. If you will be riding the bike as limited use then declare 'limited', weekend use is for what it states, weekend riders.
    Also the inexperienced rider excess is applicable to riders who have had their licence for less than 1 year or have been riding a bike for less than 1 year.

    From the PDS:

    In your case the Under 25 excess and standard excess would apply.
  7. thanks for your help guys i appreciate it. ive still got a few months to find a good company, but i think ill call them first lol, that excess is huge :shock:
  8. Or you could just read the PDS entry above :grin:
  9. Just curious the 1 year riding experience, does that count being on your Learner's or is it 1 year of riding experience on your unrestricted?
  10. Ls counts as riding experience as far as I'm aware. So one year riding on your Ls means one year's worth of experience.

    Looks like you're really working the insurance angle at the moment SC!
  11. Thanks Julie! Only wondering as I know that with car license when they ask "driving experience" your not allowed to count your L's but I spose on a bike is different seeing as you can drive on your own when on your L's. SC & I are still unfortunately 0 years as we got our L's late last year