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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by gixer08, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. who r u insured with and why?
    we all know they offer diffrent deals but what what does it really cover ie market value, add ons,motorbike gear,hemets jackets etc,rider training??
    times up 4 renewal

  2. AAMI...
    cheap... less than a quarter of what my bank quoted me

    they offer the higher of the two.. either market or the agreed value...

    They cover my helmet and $200 of clothing...

    no other bells and whistles with them like some of the others.. oh they cover towing and stuff.. and they paid for my taxi every time I dropped of paper work (once I stacked it)..

    and.. they were the nicest to talk to on the phone.. and nearly through a claim with them and they've been great so far
  3. i dnt have a bike yet....
    but all my insurance is with suncorp...

    horrifyingly enough , i am 25, no accidents, own my brand new car outright
    and they still charged me $2200( yearly) for full comp..

    im scared about insuring a bike LOL...

  4. ...I bank with suncorp.. see my above post ;)
  5. QBE, because stupid not to have it
  6. QBE at the minute. My broker picks the best policy for price for me.
  7. Suncorp because they would acutally insure the bike and they where cheaper then the rest.
    QBE wouldn't price match :p
  8. Holy crap, with two accidents, some speeding to my name, back when I was 21 in a turbo import I could still get insurane for about $1300, fully comp.

    your being taken for a ride.

  9. yeah... it appears so... i dont drive any kind of import , i have a 2008 outlander LOL.. its 4 cyl...

    thanks guys, least this thread has encouraged me to look elsewhere.. ( even though i know feel like an idiot )
  10. I am currently with QBE however am most likely going to swap to IMR on renewal.
    I only went with QBE as IMR wouldn't cover the bike until I had my license and I had a friend riding it from the shop to my house that day.
  11. I'm with QBE depsite them being a few (and I literally mean a few) dollars more than others out there. My outlook when it comes to insurance has always been about what do I get when i really need to use it, not what is the cheapest I can pay and hopefully I'll never need it.

    QBE automatically cover my gear and helmet up to $5k in case of an accident and replace my bike if less than 2 years old. A number of other small differences as well between their policies and others such as Swann and Insure My Ride meant that for the money spent I get better value at QBE.

    Having said that though this is all specific to my particular needs and everyone out there will be different. What is good for me may not be ideal for you so the best advice is to call around a get a number of quotes and make sure you read the PDS!

    All of the three I've mentioned were very close price wise and coverage wise so it was only some very subtle details that influenced my decision. One other factor though was that a Netrider membership scores me a discount with QBE so that's a bonus. Not only that, but if they are part of the Netrider group then I figure they have a solid reputation with riders and are more likely to look after us when we need them. I'm also big on supporting companies that assist communities like this one.
  12. But QBE have a price beat guarantee

    I was tossing up between QBE and IMR when I first insured, but went with QBE as IMR (from what I can tell) only insures Market Value.
  13. The difference was so huge that my insurance would have been something like $50 a year, they wouldn't do it. Just Ask quaterwit
  14. RACV I found the best , reasonably priced and good cover that includes $500 towards a helmet and market value of my bike which they have at $5500 despite me telling them I paid $2k less for it. Dropped it down to agreed value and it saved me a whopping $1.60 per month so bumped it back up to market value. :cool:

    I also have the option to reduce my cover to theft only during the winter months when I will barely use it.

    I found it better to get quotes over the phone than use the websites , generally cheaper that way. Plus the fact I got my full car licence at 17 which the websites wont accept!
  15. QBE is usually the best and cheapest but I went through a broker and found one better, Dawes (http://www.dawes.com.au). They were $350 cheaper to comp. insure my 2006 GSXR750 and included $3000 cover for my gear. Every other company is a rip for sports bikes.
  16. Feed back on MC insurance

    Feedback pls from riders who have experienced dealing w/ insurance companies re 'claims' ---

    Time for renewal of compre MC insurance, thinking of switching; choosing between between Swann, IMR and QBE. Which of the three is easier to deal with in case of claim (hope don't have to)?


  17. Hi guys, I am 25, just bought a new 08 cbr600 and my insurance is through swann. It's costing me about 1300 a year for full comp.

    I'm a rating one from my years of insurance on my cars. I also have a skyline full comp insured for 580 a year :p not with swann tho.
  18. [OT]
    It depends when the $2,200 charge was made and what its for. If the car is something like a WRX then it could well be somewhere in that ballpark for full comp insurance. Insurance has gone up across the board. When I bought my Liberty new and outright in 2007 the yearly premium was $675 (would have been $1,500 for a WRX). I received my bill last week and it is now $809 for the year (I haven't crashed it nor received any speeding tickets). The next best price I got was $910 from RACV so I'm sticking with AAMI. That would equate to $1,800 for a rex if it too went up by about 20%. Does the $2,200 look way out of range now?

    Try getting the same insurance now for a turbo import at 21 with the history you quoted. I suspect that there'd be a 2 at the front and not a 1, especially if those crashes were at-fault.

    My bike insurance was bought through the Yamaha branch of PS. Swann is the insurer. The bonus of going through Yamaha is that if I get a tyre puncture/rim damage then it'll get fixed for $40 out of my pocket. Riding gear is also insured but only up to $2k. Premium for comp insurance was $409.

    If I'd had my way and not conceded to yet another thing to the ex just to keep her happy, I'd have got my insurance through QBE minus the tyre/rim bonus but gear would have been covered up to $3k. QBE would have been $380/year.
  19. Here's a tip. When you get your insurance renewal notice, ring your insurer and get a quote again. Here's why. My cage is 2 years old. The premium for it was $675 back in 2007. My latest renewal bill came in at $806. I haven't done anything (no claims, tickets etc) in that time. I called them to ask for a new bill because I moved. The guy on the other end said, "You might get something for an adjustment. Your bill says $756 right now. Let's see what it'll come up with at your new address."

    My first thought was "WTF?, you said $756 but my bill says $806" but I kept quiet. If I simply paid the bill without doing anything, the insurance company would have skimmed $50 for nothing. Anyway, a new bill is being sent to me for $676. Had I not bothered with anything I would have given them $130 for nothing. There's 10 minutes of well spent phone time.

    My point is to consider doing the same when you get your renewal - ring up and ask for a quote even if you haven't moved or changed anything. It may be worth your while.
  20. i'm with- well, i should say- was with nrma.

    recently viewed my renewal and noticed:

    my annual premium go up by $53.

    my agreed value go down $900.

    my excess go up $100.

    saving $260 by going with insure my mother fcuking ride!