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Insurance... too good to be true...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by suzyq, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just rang AAMI for insurance for my Spada. After my last episode I didn't want to take the risk again.. funny that! Anyway how about $158 for 12mths comprehensive insurance with a $500 excess..?? The agreed value is $2700. I had been quoted $893.13 by NRMA :shock: and $517.96 :? by Arista.. and yes they asked about my history and I told them about the crash..

    Needless to say I paid for it on the spot! What a bargain!
  2. That's impressive.
  3. Great, aren't they?

    I got quoted $442 for my baby. Comprehensive etc.

    Currently paying $199 with Swann for 3rd party.

    Guess who can't wait to save $450...
  4. not to badat all...i just got a estiamte for the bike i'm looking at, Yamaha SRX250 full comp for $93 with RACV. $500 excess

    Thats just the web estimate not including any discounts i get for already having car and house insurance with them
  5. I thought AAMI didn't do bike insurance in NSW. Looks like they changed their mind recently.
  6. Did you make a claim on you accident??If not dont tell any insurance company about it. They only have to know if you made a claim.

    Mines was $215 though QBE
  7. Just be aware of exclusions like.... not insured in left unlocked in a public place...
    Amongst others, its things like this that make insurance cheaper.

    Assess the risk, and then chose the best policy for you. Always read the product disclosure statement, especially when dealing with insurance.

  8. thats awesome!!!!
    i pay $609 full comp on a new 675.
    the av. quote for me was about 1500 to 1800.
    the best one was about $5500 <--- WTF??? like you'd pay that much a Yr.
    AAMI had only started doing bike insurance that month, when i rang them and got a great deal.
  9. You're 28, suzy's 40 :p
  10. well i just got some offical quotes for an '88 SRX250

    RACV - $85 full comp $500 excess (including menbvership discout etc)

    AAMI - $270 full comp $500 excess!!!! :shock: :shock:

    no prizes for guessing who i'd be isuring it with
  11. That's western QBE.

    All that is if you don't put the steering lock on, or leave the keys in the ignition, in a public place, you ain't insured.
  12. ...is RACV the victorian equivalent of NSW? Why are their quotes so much better than the NRMA's? Does the government susidise them or something similar? AAMI quoted me over $1200 for my XVS650, whereas Western QBE is about 1/3 of that. Go figure....

  13. well it helps to have other policies with them already... all i know is that I haven't found a better quote yet.
  14. They insure in NSW, but wont touch a bike over 1000cc :(

  15. Its the old insurance debate. You just need to find the company that wants your business. The rest will be more expensive.
  16. and they weren't interested in the Daytona 675 either.

    My insurance for the 675 is over 2200 this year. Ludicrous. Ended up going with NRMA of all places... They'll give me 65% NCB, and although a couple hundred more expensive than their nearest competitor, I can take that 65% with me to any other company next year....

    I thought I was very smart. :LOL:

    Shouldn't be anywhere near as bad next year.
  17. Most people I know insure with QBE as they seem to be more competitive than most companies, including the others "package" deals.
  18. Seems like AAMI is a good deal if you have not insured before and arent on a high rating... have just been told by them that the highest rating they will give a bike is rating 5... :( quote of $1500 for the RR :( Shannons and Arista still much cheaper and will recognise the rating 1/full no claims that I have.

  19. In my experience QBE tend to quote near the bottom end (along with Shannons whose useage policies won't suit everyone) for people over 30 and with rating 1. Arista seem similarly priced to the above two, but with more conditions than QBE.

    RACV tend to be more expensive for me, but are sometimes cheaper for people without an existing rating 1 or who are under 25.

    I don't know anyone who got a competitive quote from AAMI (but I'm sure they exist).
  20. QBE is good for older yet learner riders!