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Insurance stories, good & bad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. This post in another thread (the Hornet down one) got me thinking,

    So what other experiences do some of you have with insurance companies.

    I can only quote my recent experience with my car so here goes.

    May 2005 was driving inbound on the Calder when I was nailed from behind. Both cars still driveable (his only just) so I went to work as normal.

    Rang a mate in the towing trade and asked who I should get my car repaired by and told him I was insured with the RACV. I then lobbed unannounced at the panel shop later that day and got them to assess the damage. They put me in front of a phone and called the RACV and arranged for the paper work to begin over the phone.

    Arranged to leave the car with the panel shop the following Monday and they dropped me off at the local Thrifty Rental joint to pick up my renter while mine was off the road (I pay a small extra premium for that).

    I was catching a plane to Perth on the Thursday morning (to work at the Superbikes) so convinced the RACV they could save 4 days rental (and me parking at the airport) by letting me split the rental period into 2, so I arrived at the airport and handed the car back, flew to Perth and came back on the Monday arvo and collected another renter.

    I got a call on the Saturday while I was in Perth letting me know my car was ready so when I got back and picked up the renter I met the panel shop manager at the city Thrifty office (was the worlds most expensive "taxi" to the city) and he took me to the panel shop and I picked up my car.

    This was a not my fault crash and involved an off P plate probation driver who was also RACV insured so all the things fell into place.

    That's my example, no doubt there will be many more on the negative side of the ledger

  2. Well, mine is a car insurance story too:

    I had a crash at Chadstone shopping centre car park where I was going straight and hit a car that was turning (his right, my left.) I hit him on the side because:
    a) I was going a little fast
    b) road was wet, it was raining
    c) car did a quick turn and a stop (the guy prolly saw a car going out of a car park close to end of the row and instinctively turned to get it, then had to slow down to let the car get out first.)
    Minor damage, but it's not a problem because I figure I'd let the insurance deal with it, as I was sure that it wasn't my fault.
    Dealt with AAMI, paid the excess as the other car was challenging it.
    The car got repaired okay, the problem was getting a response on who was right.
    After, 1 month of not hearing from them, I had to keep calling them on a weekly basis to ask them what was happening. The main response was "we'll call you back to let you know," but they never did, except this one time, when they didn't even get the details right. (For some reason they claimed that it was on a main road, with a nature strip to divide the road, I had to let them know that it was in a carpark, with no nature strip.)

    Fast foward 3 months, to when I was quite narky rang and asked for a result, either way, I didn't care I just wanted to know if I effed up or not, they said they'd call me back, and surprise surprise, nothing.
    The week after, I just received a check to the amount of my excess.
    Yaay for me.
    Boo for AAMI's customer service.
  3. I had a woman change lanes into my Valiant once and damaged front guard and I also had to drive over a median strip to avoid collision.
    Got a quote and had teh whole lot repaired in a week, complete new fromt suspension ( it was on it's way out!). So that was a win.
    Another time, an old dude merged into me(his lane clearly ending, he had to merge over give way lines) and damaged teh side of my car. Both of us were with NRMA. This guy told them it was my fault, and the first I knew, NRMA sent me a letter letting me know how I could pay them my excess!!!! They literally spent 3 paragraphs in teh letter telling me I was in the wrong, how to pay etc, then there was a tiny little sentence that read something like " if you wish to dispute this, please contact us@. Great customer service.
    So I told them where to go and also mentioned that I had filed a police report, which the old guy had not. I never got paid for any damage to my car out of that one, and that, plus various other reasons (Like how members with 15+ years pay more for insurance than if you walk in cold to any other insurance company and get the same policy), mean I have nothing to do with the NRMA to this day.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I have a nice story about insurance companies.

    I just got my premium. And it's a couple hundred bucks cheaper than it was last year.

    Clearly this is to reward me for my masterful wheelies and dedication to hooliganism.
  5. I got arse ended on about the 31st oct last year.

    Rear guard was bent in, foot brake bent up, handle brake bent inwards, scrape marks on the exhausts and as a result of the stalling the clutch is acting a bit funny. (you can see it at the comedy festival this month!)

    However, due to the fact i was going on a 2 week holiday the next day, and since then have been straight back into work doing 12 hour, 6 day shifts, haven't had the time to chase it up.

    Reckon I've still got a chance of getting what I'm owed by the insurance company?
  6. you should still be able to claim as long as the insurance company is not prejudiced by the delay (i.e. cost of repairs are now $1,000 when they would have been $750 when you had your accident).
  7. Yeah, I figured they'd be able to use the delay as an excuse not to cough up.

    However time is still a problem. I'll see how I go.
  8. Hubby was hit by car last september, the assessor came out about a week later, because who the guy was insured with dont insure motorbikes, the bike was classed as a rwo, then had to wait for 6 weeks for money for bike as the guy wouldn't pay his excess, but the worst thing was hubby was off work for 3 months and the insurance company has only just paid him for lost of wages and injuries
  9. Shannons:

    Gave them $750 then 6 months later took almost $40,000 off them.

    Gave them $12,50 then took $6,600 off them the next day.

    I like insurance companies but there's not many left that like me!
  10. Ill keep my story for when the whole things finally over and done with.

    Been getting fcuked around for 2 months now and when i finally thought it was over and i got my bike back, not everything was fixed so it gos on. :(
  11. Hit from behind while in the cage by a stupid person not looking on the road, I was slowing down approaching a round about.

    The person didn't say sorry and didn't want to pull over to give their details...a lot of screaming...a lot of swearing...a couple threats...eventually got their details.

    It was only a small bump on the back of the cage but because she didn't say sorry and wanted to drive off I made sure she had to claim. Insurance got the back of the cage resprayed and tow bar re adjusted for $1200 and she had to pay what ever her excess is.

    If she only said sorry I would of said be careful next time, it's an old car and forget about it.