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Insurance Scamming me?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Ok..

    I ran up the bum of a 54,000 dollar new Alfa Romeo on a friends bike.
    I admit fault, I should've slowed down over the hill.

    Anyway, I hit it at about 20-30k's, and the only damage I could see what a hole in the rear bumper the size of a 20c piece, the 100kg bike bounced straight off the car.

    NO insurance on the bike, but she's insured on the car.

    A couple of weeks later, I rang her up to ask the make and model of the car to find out what it might cost me, though I've forgotten what car it was, while i was on the phone to her she told me i'm looking at around 10,000 dollars.

    Fast forward a couple of months of nothing happening.

    her insurance company rang me this morning.

    They told me it'll cost 16,000 worth of repairs, so I asked "where is the car so i can get it independently assessed"

    they replied "the repairs have already started and we aren't stopping them, the quotes will come in the mail" or words to that effect.

    Aren't I entitled to my own independent assessment?
    Don't I have to see the quotes before they start repairs?

    16,000 dollars?!

    the driver, before insurance called me and what not was telling me the under carriage was apparently all pushed up, the boot wasn't closing properly, the spare tyre didn't fit in place, etc etc etc.
    Which didn't really fit in with the speed and force of which I hit her..

    I was on the bike when it hit, and I walked away with a tiny scratch on my knee.
    yet the same force that stopped me, almost wrote off her car?

    Someone Help!
  2. I could see $10k, but $16k?
    New cars are made with the rear end particularly weak, to absorb collisions, as you have found out.
    Now, being an Alfa, a few things happen. First, you are paying Euro for everythig, second, parts are probably not stocked here in Aus, third, Alfas aren't cheap at teh best of times for genuine parts, fourth, Alfa owners are pretentions wankers, so repairs will have to be to an extremely high standard, meaning lots of time and labour, plus new parts if they might have even beel remotely damaged.
    Sorry to say mate, but you'd best find some money.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I'd be off to get some free legal advice.
  4. AFAIK they don't have to get quotes done for you...the insurance companies priority after themselves is their client...so they send the client to one of their repair centre or a panel shop that does work for them...they quote it up and the insurance company gives them the go ahead...they simply send you a bill for repairs.

    If it is a brand new car the cost of repairs could easily total around that sort of $$$ value...Euro car parts are not cheap...of course if the bike owner had third party we wouldn't be responding to your post would we.

    Let this be a lesson people having no insurance is all well and good but when shit hits the fan like it has here...I'd rather pay for insurance and the peace of mind rather than trying to find $16k in a hurry.

    It sucks mate but you did the damage to the car...bend over, grab your ankles and grit your teeth...this ones gonna hurt
  5. oooch, no insurance, I think you are screwed.
    They will be looking for thier money very soon, I would be going to see my Bank Manager and not the legal advice.

    As for the quote, you will never know if you have been screwed.
  6. Since there is no chance of fighting the issue of who is at fault it seems you have no choice other than to pay up.

    However, the way you go about it is up for negotiation. If you tell them you are broke, have no assets and no future etc etc but offer to pay off the debt at say $10 a week, they might just agree. I did this many years ago, and while it seems to takes eons to get rid of the debt, they are happy as long as you keep paying them. After a few years the payments are less of a pain, just a nuisance.
  7. agreed with the afore post... i ran up the ass of a van 8 years ago and they took it straight into the shop without giving me right to qoutes ect. and it came out with a $9000 price tag. i thought it just looked like a dent.... fu&*ers. so i let it go to a debt collection agency (i was uninsured btw)
    the rang and rang saying if you pay it up front you can pay $7000 and the next time it was $5000 and i was a first year apprentice at the time so i kept saying let me pay it off and they said no. one day about 6 months later a new girl had taken my case on as the last guy left she rang up again saying you can finish this all now for $4500 and i said look.. im a first year apprentice blah blah blah i have 1000 in the bank right now you can take that or your never going to get anything off me and they took it.... swish.
  8. .........
  9. Did you KNOW the bike was uninsured before the stack?
    Did your friend tell you?

    If your bike gets ridden on the road - you should have 3rd party prop. It's not that expensive.
    Your friend isn't the brightest bulb on the christmas tree for not having it, and well... I think you've learnt your side of this lesson already.

    Paid my 3rd party property insurance the other day.
    Peace of mind! > $174.24
  10. Is your bike insured. Many policies will cover you on a substitute bike if you're riding a different bike for any reason (say if yours is being repaired). You might actually be covered.

    I am sure you are entitled to see the quote and assess damage before work starts. It's meaningless now because work has started. However, they will be bringing the car to "as new" condition. Unless the car was new then you can argue to pay only your share. A misalligned boot lid is not entirely uncommon on a 5 yr old+ car so depending on the car's age, you should be able to negotiate. Also check the quote for damage you're sure you didn't do. The car may have been in another accident shortly after yours and the owner could be trying to save paying 2 excess payments so look carefully, and you might get lucky.

    Lastly, do not pay the total cost of repair. The owner of the car will have had an excess which they have already paid to the insurance company and must be deducted from the total cost of repair in the insurance company's claim against you. :)
  11. 16k would have bought you a nice bike upgrade, let that be a lesson to others that read your story, third party property insurance is the bare minimum you should be on the road with.
    Sorry dude but you’re a malaka on this one :(
  12. My bike isn't insured, my mate told me the bike wasn't insured, I knew what I was doing.

    It's not the 'poor me, this isn't fair' card i'm trying to put forward, it's the 16k for a fcuking hole in the boot?

    I hit the car and incredibly slow speeds, and apparently I pushed the undercarriage up so much as that the spare tyre won't sit in place, and the boot won't close?

    Anyway, I was under the impression I was entitled to an independent assessment?

    Seeing as repairs have already started, and I didn't get a quote, or photos, or my own assessment done before the repairs started - or offered any of these - wouldn't that mean that I have no knowledge of what exactly i'm paying for?

    So, the quote might say 'damage to subframe, 5000 - boot replacement - 3000,' etc etc - but how do I know that I did that damage? theres no proof, they're already fixing it.
  13. Why don’t you call the insurer of the car and put it to them that before you hand over even 1 cent that you request copies of not only the quotes but the photo's their assessor took and also demand to be able to have access to the repairer and see for your self the damaged parts that have been pulled off the Alfa.
  14. Sorry Matty do the crime do the time.
    This is what happens when you don't have insurance.
    3rd party property damage should be compulsory to avoid this sort of torment you are going to go through.
    Declare bankruptcy if you have to but otherwise negotiate some sort of payment scheme.
    There isn't much you can do since repairs have already started.
  15. I dunno...

    DuHAST is right.
    Insurance companies PREY on people's ignorance. They will not volunteer any information or help you in any way to understand what's going on. They want you to just give up and pay.
    There is totally room for negotiation, and you SHOULD have access to all the info DuHAST has suggested you get.

    If they don't want to give it to you and make up some stupid excuse you tell them, It's very simple. You are proceeding with a repair that you expect me to pay for without my consent. I will not pay a single cent until I have every piece of information I have requested.

    BTW, Bankruptcy ruins your credit for 4 years straight away. No-one will give you a loan, mortgage, credit card, mobile phone contract, or 30 day account.
    Just FYI as you approach shitty financial decisions :(
  16. If this were to be taken into court, And the magistrate was not a complete anti-bike tosser, that figure would very quickly be drastically reduced.

    You are supposed to be given the opportunity to have the car assessed.
    You are supposed to be shown multiple quotes.

    This is all done in order to stop the dodgy repair shop/mates rates, It cost $16000 to fix because the car cost $3000 to fix, The mechanic got $7000 for his new entertainment system and the owner got $6000 for some new rims and some ghey fluoro tubes...

    I would be seeking legal advice for sure, and running this past them. It's not gospel, but I have seen the same situation with my mum (minus the motor bike) and a similar stunt was pulled.

  17. Only problem is this is from the insurance company and that above scenario is unlikely.
  18. I went through more or less the same thing. Insurance company was all nice and friendly over the phone and assured me I'd receive a copy of the assesors report and have a chance to discuss it. Next thing I know I receive a nasty letter from a collection agency telling me I had just 5 days to cough up the money or they'd be starting legal action to seize assets - and by the time I got the letter there was just one day left. Basically insurance companies don't give a f&*k who they screw over as long as they get their money - and they tend to have a lot of lawyers on the payroll so if you're going to take them on get professional legal advice (rather than rely on what anyone here tells you).
  19. Unless he refuses to pay and then the matter goes to court.

    $16K does seem excessive, with what has been described.
    I would be getting some legal advice so you know exactly what both you and the insurance CAN and CAN'T do to each other.

    Then you can use that information to reach an agreement with them.

    As jd said. They are out to **** you over.
  20. Sorry to disagree thats not 100% correct. Insurance companies are not cleanskins.

    As far as the repairs / quotes, I would be demanding all the info as pere Klutu. You should have been given access to this.

    As far as the poster who was hassled by a debt collector, that behaviour is now illegal under the consumer credit code.
    If you want a chat PM me.

    Sorry edited.