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NSW Insurance & Roadside Assistance for L platers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Krazy Kiwi, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. I'm a newbie to the motorcycling world! I got my L's almost a month ago now, had a few lessons on a CBR125 then brought a Yamaha YZF-R3. I love it but am still working on my confidence!

    I've been shopping around for insurance which has been interesting (to put it nicely lol). Youi quoted me almost $2,000 and had the highest excess. I've narrowed it down to 3 companies (this is for comprehensive insurance):

    GIO: $352.28 premium; amount covered $6,099; standard excess $400; new motorcycle after a total loss for motorcycles less than 2 yrs old; riding apparel cover up to $1,000.

    NRMA: $366 premium; insured for "market value"; standard excess $650; new motorcycle after total loss for motorcycles less than 2 yrs old; riding apparel cover up to $2,000.

    Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance
    : $543 premium; standard excess $250; new motorcycle after total loss for motorcycles less than 3 yrs old; riding apparel cover up to $3,000.

    I don't think I'll go with NRMA due to it having the highest excess. GIO offers car hire if the motorcycle is stolen or damaged during an attempted theft. Yamaha also offer car hire but they don't limit it to theft or attempted theft.

    I was wondering who members recommend for roadside assistance. I looked at the NRMA one but it seems quite expensive!
  2. Some bike insurance companies like Shannons and Swan include some sort of roadside assist in their policies...but make sure you always read the fine print though. :)
    Do you have exisiting insurance for a car with someone... Use that as leverage.
    I ended up getting about $250 off and a $400 excess with AAMI. But I am old and have never ever had a claim in 40 years...so I have a healthy no claim bonus etc.
    I have car assist with NRMA and added the whinja on...my approach (yeah yeah I know) is if I have it I won't need it...like an umbrella in your bag...
  3. I had a look at Shannons and was under the impression I needed a full licence to get insurance from them - although I have a full car licence, I'm on my L's for the motorcycle. I could have read this wrong though! I'll check out Swan :)

    I only own the motorcycle. My fiancé owns a car, so the car insurance is in his name. He's insured with Allianz, but I'm not a fan of them!
  4. Victorian Motorcycle Council offer some form of roadside assist.

    It may be limited to just a tow but when someone recently called RACV to fix a minor problem that they could have sorted had they had the tools with them, all RACV was willing to offer was a tow as well.

    So may be worth checking the VMC site to check details.
  5. I've read some bad things about RACV too. Do you know if VMC is limited to Victoria? I'm in NSW.
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    I'd assume Victoria only but don't know. Not sure if the NSW equivalent whose name currently escapes me offer a similar deal.
  7. NRMA is the equivalent in NSW
  8. No I meant equivalent of VMC
  9. Doh! Be nice I'm old... ;) senior's moment!
    No similar in NSW that I am aware of
  10. The NSW equivalent is the Motorcycle Council of NSW and they have the same deal for roadside asist.
  11. Motorcycle Coundil of NSW???
  12. Damn beaten

    OldmaidOldmaid You are probably younger than me. Otherwise you would need a rack on your bike for the Zimmer frame
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  13. Actually I may be wrong it may be the Motorcycle Alliance that has the Roadside Assist deal.
  14. Yes, just found that NSW Motorcycle Alliance has roadside assistance for $35 which includes 2 free callouts, 5L fuel (if needed) and 50 km roundtrip towing if the bike doesn't start. I'm just trying to compare different roadside assistance providers :)
  15. I also found RAA who do roadside assistance for motorcycles as well as cars. I haven't read anything about them, so I don't know what experiences (good or bad) people have had with them.
  16. If your in Vic stay right away from RACV, they charge like wounded bulls and in the end will only pump up a tyre, supply some petrol or tow you to the nearest repaired. They won't even jump start your bike.
    I'm with NSW Motorcycle Alliance they appear to assist you more and tow as a last resort and are far cheaper as well. I'm with Insure my ride. I've had to make a couple of claims and they have been brilliant on both occasions.
  17. NRMA is not like RACV in my experience. Though they are a lot more than $35.

    I have had NRMA wire in new fuse boxes when i didnt have parts before. On an older bike NRMA is good value even to the MAA in my opinion
  18. I signed up with thema couple of weeks ago because they were the cheapest at $430 or something with a 400 buck excess. Originally was going to go with swann but they had really really bad reviews online and a $2200 excess because of a demerit point thing back in 2011. Crazy.
    Hopefully RACV are ok. I dealt with them once before and it was smooth
  19. did you try insuremyride?
  20. Yeah they quoted me $960 per annum premium.