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Insurance & Registration

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Is it harder to get insurance and Rago for grey import bikes?? I had heard somewhere that people had been finding it hard to insure grey imports.

    I am asking as i am looking to get a Honda SPADA sometime soon but most of the 2nd hand one i can find are grey imort from dealers. Is it just that there aren't many of them out there or are they a very popular bike?
  2. The only issue that I know of is getting parts from them.

    Well it's not really an issue as such, the parts are available they just have different part numbers.

    Others may be able to enlighten you further.
  3. Yo Drew, from a Spada owner, you're making a wise choice.

    I've got a little website about the Spada here:


    Yeah, they are mostly grey imports, but the insurance on them isn't too bad, not like a grey import CBR250RR or one of the other supersport imports. Not a problem with rego either. The good thing about the Spada as a grey import is that there are not a hell of a lot of them floating around, so parts aren't too bad, I've also heard that a fair bit of it is interchangable with the VTR 250 so that make life even easier.

    Good luck and GO THE SPADA... 8)
  4. cheers

    now i just need $ to get one. :D