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insurance rawt

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by fubarcbr, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. i have just been checking out insurance and i was looking on insuremyride and found that the full comp was only 1800 for me which is 2200 less than i am paying now.

    how in the hell is that possible.

    so pissed going to be canceling my other insurance tomorrow and getting this one asap.
  2. You were paying $4000 for insurance?!?!?!

    I wouldn't of even given insurance at that price a passing thought.

    You should still have a bit of a better look for insurance anyway. Try ones like QBE which do price beats and just get as many quotes as you can. 1800 still seems a tad high unless you have an expensive/large bike or have had lots of accos.
  3. Blah blah blah it's all a bit conspiracy.

    You can buy a can of Coke from heaps of places, some will be $1.00 and others will be $2.50... that's a 250% difference in price.

    Unfortunately people just get uppity about insurance because they don't understand it and don't take the time to. Shop around EVERY YEAR or you have no right to complain :)
  4. yeah the place i bought the bike from sorted it and didn't think anything of it untill tonight. not fcuking impressed.

    they probably have a deal with the insurance company :evil: :evil:
  5. Probably^

    Good news is, you SHOULD receive the balance of the premium when you cancel the policy.

    ... tell them why you're cancelling it though and give them a chance to beat the other mob's price.
    Sure, they may be pricks you don't want to deal with: but you also gotta play the game to get the best price.

    Good luck [who's the ripoff mob, BTW?]
  6. You mean to say youre currently paying 4k p.a??
  7. He is 20, probably still on P's and has a 2006 Honda CBR600RR. No wonder premiums are so high but insuremyride seems like the way to go. I still need to get my third party through them actually! A Yamaha dealer told me they sell brand new bikes to young guys just coming off restrictions and they pay up to $5000 per year for full insurance!
  8. well, there goes that myth about the fullysik boy racers who buy R1's and mod the shit out of 'em and cry foul after it gets stolen cus they ran out of money for insurance :LOL:

    who the hell pays 5g's?
  9. Idiots.
  10. you haven't told us of your riding history or if you've fully disclosed your history to the new company as yet or you might be comparing apples & oranges here.

    You also have to look at the payout history of the new company and what they cover.

    Make sure you are comparing things on a level playing field or you could get bitten if/when you make a claim.
  11. shop around every year, particularly when your under 30. Each insurance company treats different factors such as age, accident history, bike location, bike type, capacity, etc differently.

    Not only that they change their stance on it every year. The only way to keep insurance prices down is shop around.

    BTW, ease up guys, he may have had to get insurance, because the bike is financed.
  12. Agree, not sure how the Insurance Policy costing works.

    I just bought a new CBR600RR bike, Insure my ride quoted me $800 online and the dealers calc for SWANN / QBE was approx 1.1k.

    With proof of the Insure my ride quote, they simply said we'll match it...
    Adjusted the SWANN policy costs and away i went.

    I read the PDS and fine print and couldn't see any alarm bells.. hmm
  13. Just wait till you have a claim then. :wink:
  14. Who should i use for insurance?
    Idiot car driver didn't indicate.
    Where can i park for free in XVZ city?
    Why is the world round?

    Just some of the questions asked at least once a day on a motorcycle forum.
  15. Which petrol is best?
  16. before making thje switch check out the restrictions insuremyride is going to place on you, alot of insurance companies, state the bike must be locked up in a garage, you must not do over x km's a year, i looked at their policy once and laughed and turned around
  17. Is lane splitting legal?
  18. Or .. Newbie needs help : can't find reverse
  19. Ya reckon? or people that have little choice?

    Back when I had the SP1, my first years insurance premium was $3,300 some $315 a month or thereabouts.
    The following year I was quoted $3,700.

    Admittedly I told them to bang it and put $300 a month away in a bank account. If i needed to fix the bike I would have part of the premium already.

    Thankfully that bike stayed upright for 3 years :grin:
  20. So you took up a policy with SWANN?

    Did you compare products?
    Which one was better and which areas were they better in? Or was price the only deciding factor?

    It's the likes of IMR, Shannons and countless others that contribute advertising dollars that keeps this place free for everyone.
    And you gave your money away to a company that doesn't support Netrider tsk tsk tsk, hang your head in shame :p