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Insurance rant & info.

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by byft, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Ok here's a great trick... I just realised that my insurance is gonna fall out this time next week... big deal you say... well I am a tad annoyed... (hey I'm being polite ok..) A certain co... lets call them "eastern OAM" are advertising everywhere... saying they will insure motorbikes.. and they will be cheaper than everyone else - guaranteed!!! I ring today to be informed that they will not insure my scooter (which last time I looked ran on two wheels and isn't particularly special - just an automatic motorbike really!!!!) When I asked why I wasn't given any reason aside from "we don't!" How screwed up is that considering where I've seen this companies advertising... (can we say ALL over Elizabeth St?? with out giving away who the co. is??)

    ANYWAY enough of the rant... I just think it's royally screwed advertising like they are....

    What I would like to know is does anyone have any intresting stories about RACV as insurer's of motorbikes?..... I mean SCOOTERS... (sorry my bad not only do I have bike riders giving me attitude now I get it from insurance co's..) I am not keen on going with RACV as I've never heard ANYTHING good about them inrelation to cars... BUT thier policy is cheaper, more comprehensive coverage, and generally a better deal than the one other company willing to insure me and my scoot.. Do you have a BETTER suggestion to look at?

    Thanks for listening/reading.. and thanks for any advice you may be able to offer...

  2. that's very odd considering bolwell is such a large seller of scooters in aus. you should give them a call and tell them of your situation, i imagine they would be on the phone to the insurance company in 5 minutes trying to find out why their scooters are uninsurable and how they can change that fact.

    also odd considering scooters aren't exactly high risk vehicles to insure (compared to motorcycles anyway.)

    personally i'd just read the policies and go with whoever is cheaper, and pray for an easy resolution to any claims in the future.
  3. I've just looked at my rego papers and even on thier I'm classified as a 'motor cycle'.... go figure... should I ring Vicroads and tell them that some insurance co's. don't see me as a motorcycle and ask for a discount on my rego??? hehehe :LOL:

    Thanks sly... I might just end up having to do that...
  4. Western QBE just gave me a 5% discount for being a member of a riding club. Not sure which one gave the discount, but prob Honda Riders.

    Plus another 5% discount if I don't ride more than 8,000 klicks in a year. (Which I probably will go over, but was interesting to check)

    And they are less than half the price of their nearest competitor.

    They probably just don't have the look up form for scooters yet.

    Shannons originally thought the Spada was a higher risk bike than the Monster, till I called them up to query why they wanted to charge more to insure the Spada than the Monster.
  5. Hiya

    Mine's uninsured. I went to the websites of companies mentioned in posts here on Netrider: Western QBE and Frith/Arista, looking for info on scooter premiums. A couple had forms asking how long I'd had a bike licence (I'm is SA where you can ride a 50cc scooter on a car licence, so I couldn't complete the forms) so I emailed the three companies for quotes. You've really got to wonder why companies put email addresses on their websites if they have no intention of answering emails.

    The two banks I use advertise that they have a range of insurance policies to cover anything of value, but when I rang for quotes I discovered that scooters aren't a part of anything of value, an attitude which I'm sure many bike riders agree with!

    If anyone does find a company to insure their scooter it'd be cool if the info could be shared on here... please?
  6. Have you tried Swann?
  7. Western QBE wanted to charge me $1200 a year fully comp. with an $1100 excess on a $3200 NAKED 250cc bike :LOL: . What a crock. Also, my driving record is spotless.

  8. You're 19 years old for crying out loud!
    You can be sqeaky clean have a spotless record but that won't matter till you turn 26.
    A mate who is a copper in NSW still pays though his nose for motorcycle insurance because he is 24 and has a spotless record.
  9. Thanks for the tip moike! I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. I looked for a website but swanninsurance.com.au is just a prtal for their dealers/brokers.
  10. I'm still waiting on some quotes but AAMI wanted $88 for 3rd party, $500 comprehensive (minimum $3500 payout). Both policies had a $400 excess.

    The bikes a Kawasaki EL 250 D- 1993.
    I was expecting comp to be way outa my price range but at that sort of price I'm seriously thinking about it.

    (QBE wanted $200 for 3rd party so I didn't bother getting a comp quote)
  11. Spada is old too, hard to get parts. Were they a grey import as well? That'd make them even more expensive to insure.
  12. scrambler - that's cause you're on a 250, wait til you go bigger :shock:
  13. Current VTR parts all fit on a Spada. Everything except engine and gear box.

    It was a stuff up on their part, when I called them up, they realised it was a mistake.
  14. Fair enough. But as you say, perhaps insurance companies aren't aware of the fact, so these kind of problems occur. :(
  15. Not sure about the scooter but I have always found RACV to be great. I have had 3 claims with them over the past 15 years and all have gone like clockwork. I have had 2 thefts, car recovered both times but after the 3 week payout time so they paid out in full and 1 not at fault accident. The claims were easy to make and nothing was ever in doubt. The second theft they adjusted my raitng down one but lifted it back up the next year.
    If they are the best quote and best cover, give them a go.


  16. That must be AAMI's standard third party price as they quoted me the same.

    The scooter is insured with RACV, comprehensive for $226 with an agreed market value of $4900. Luckily I have not had to use the insurance to date but my wife had RACV for her car and they worked out OK for the times she needed them.
  17. When I went out looking to buy a scooter just to travel to work and back the cheap way I wanted to know from the insurance companies how much it would be for this bike and that bike. Most did not do Bolwell - I wanted an Aussie bike - and in the end had to get my Voodoo and insure with RACV as the other companies didnt even cover Bolwell and most not even my Voodoo TGB.

    These AUSTRALIAN Insurance companies SHOULD offer insurance for AUSTRALIAN BIKES! But no currently they just suck and force people to ride uninsured or buy other brands.
  18. Flashman2 - the bolwells aren't really australian they are manufactured predominatly by SYM in taiwan or a couple of models come from PGO... There is NO australian Scooter (can't say for bikes as I don't know - but I don't think there is.) Bolwell are one of a couple of companies that are australian importers.

    I would like to add that I did advise Bolwell that I was having trouble getting insurance for my scoot - they weren't NOT helpful but they weren't helpful either.. ~shrug~ I shouldn't complain thou cause they have been VERY good at warrenty issues.
  19. my quotes for m/bikes were (racv or aami online quotes) like $100 for the 250cc, $160 for the 600cc and $220 for the 900cc

    that's nothing though, my current car (86 toyota celica), most companies wouldnt even insure, the rest were 500-600 for 3rd party! yet i was only paying $200 on a 97 commodore

    it keeps going too.. i can get full comprehensive on the car for $900, but for the bike? $2000+
  20. Insurance companies are like @-holes, everyone needs one, but it can be real messy using 'em at times.

    I'd suggest trying western qbe via the adverts/links that appear on the top of this site, and others, sometimes, that should end up with someone who knows.

    Well, it did with me anyway, $78 pa full comp (market value) for the Across.
    True, I'm an oldfart and used ulysses/netrider as club discount, and when I ranted for a while they relented and I got a bit more off cos I do an advanced skills course every 12 months

    If your stuck with cheat sheet reading call centre employee (I do feel sorry for them, not I job I could do) then read the licence to them, esp the bit about M-cycle class, if no good, ask for the shift "team leader" keep asking for the next highest person until you get what you want, eventually you'll find a person with discretionary powers.

    Actuaries set the rates/cover etc, they're bean counters who only understand numbers as a rule, they probably think a bollwell is still a kit car for a VW chassis that used to be made in the 70's in Melb.

    Sadly, in todays world, this is the way it's done.