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insurance quotes

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lil_clair, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    this is probably been covered before but there are always 1000's or search returns.

    thought some one might be interested in the difference in $$ of insurance quotes.

    NRMA - $811 (incl $500 excess) :shock:

    Insure my Ride - $503 (incl $400 excess)

    QBE - $411 (incl $400 excess)

    this is for a suzuki gs500f '05. i have 65% no claim. no previous fines or naughtiness :wink: on my motorcycle L's but driven car for 10 yrs. bike insured for $6500. and im 27. plus 5% netrider discount. :cool:

    i hear that QBE will beat any price that any other insurer will quote you on.

    hope this is useful.

  2. So why post it again?

    Look it was a nice thought but it's just going to clog the place up
    with more information that noone else can use...
  3. i found it usefull
  4. thanks for the timely tip.

    currently with nrma and will see what QBE can do for me.
  5. I also suggest you check out Swann. They were particularly cheap last time I looked.
  6. I'm with Ebike and recommend.
  7. Thanks for the heads up Lil Claire, :p
  8. how do you know what percentage claim you are?

    i have never claimed and had insurance before...

    but it usually goes by ratings?!?
  9. having worked in insurance previously I can answer your question.

    Rating 1 = 60-65% NCB
    Rating 6 = 0% = no insurance

    Effectively it's roughly 10% per year of being licenced/insured.
    You can lose a rating or 10% with some companies if you have an at-fault claim, others will drop you two ratings/20%.

    If I remember correctly Vic, Tas and SA use ratings, the other states generally use percentage/No-Claim-Bonus(NC8).
  10. I had Suncorp insure my ride for $1500!
    WQBE quoted me $900... but "apparently" they beat any other quote
    Got a quote from E-Bike for $620 and QBE come back with $600!!!

    Love their work!
  11. Well I had a nice surprise from QBE today. I rang to get my green slip quote cos the Hornet's due for registration. Before the young man switched me through, he asked if I was interested in a revised quote for my comprehensive. I said yes. I am up for renewal on that too, at $239 for the year. After asking me if I was the only rider (yes) and what mileage I do (roughly 20,000 per year on average) he said he could drop my premium to $217 for the year. I said yes :LOL:.
  12. Hey Paul did you get your 5% NR discount on top off that? Or was it included?
  13. :oops: I didn't know there was a Netrider discount with QBE :oops:.
  14. DOH!

    Ah well. Next time.
  15. Just got my third party property from Western QBE for $190. I bargained them down by comparing with my Insure my ride quote. I told the guy on the phone no, because WQBE didn't offer gear cover or uninsured third party cover up to 3k like IMR. Then called IMR and found that their inexperienced driver excess (less than 12 months on full licence I believe) is $1500!!! Western QBE's excess is $500 standard, $300 age and $250 inexperienced - desperately called them back and locked in the deal :p
  16. judging by the subsequent replies, i conclude that...

    Hotcam got HotPWND!
  17. Thanks for the topic!

    I'm in the process of finding insurance and this has helped heaps.