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N/A | National Insurance quotes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bunjimun, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm looking at insurance as I'm about to buy my first "real" bike. Does anyone have any experience with Insure My Ride? I ask because they are HEAPS cheaper than anyone else, so much so it makes me sus....if it's too good to be true....and all that.

    any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Hey - I looked at IMR but ended up going with Swann (through the dealer I bought the CB400 off).

    I wasn't happy with IMR's huge "inexperienced riders excess" that they would apply in the event of an accident which was something like $2000 + normal excess. Swann's inexperienced riders excess was pretty low from memory.
  3. OK, thanks. that's interesting as I didn't see anything about an ineperienced rider excess. Maybe that's cos i just got an instant quote online?
  4. i'm with aami, because my parents have a 1 star rating, so i got a 3 star rating.. (under 25's usually start out at 4*) and i only pay $965 a year with i think its $1200 excess.

    compared to racv which they quoted $3000.

    depends on how old you are, the bike you ride, if you haven't had claims or accidents before.. etc..

    ring around, don't go with the first crowd you see.. try and get the best deal possible.
  5. Our cars are with aami and we have a level 1 rating, i'm 36. They still want around $900 p/a AND a $1000 excess. I figure at that price I could crash once a year and still come out ahead!!!!
  6. You answered your own question then.
  7. er...no. My question was does anyone have experience with IMR. Their excess ($400) is a little higher due to the $800 inexperienced rider thing (cheers for the pointer Geofrius) but their premium is less than a third of what aami are asking. But cheap insurance is no good if they are a pain in the arse with claims.
  8. Swann is pretty good tho, they dont ask how many years you have held your bike license for. They go off your total years licensed whether it be car or bike. The guy i got my ninja off was 18 or 19 paying almost $200 a month for insurance, im paying about $46 a month. Im 29 and had my RE for few months only.
  9. i'm with them.
    they were great to deal with when i binned it. their chosen repairer really fvcked up, about 2 days after my bike was picked up from my house was the epic brisbane flood last year, and my bike was mistakenly sent to auction with the flood bikes.
    IMR were great, they spanked the repairer, got my bike back, paid for new rwc and rego as the auction house had already cancelled rego by the time they got my bike back, and paid out my helmet even though i didn't remember hitting my head and the helmet was undamaged (they said they pay out helmets regardless, which is fairy nuff).
    so when insurance was due this year they got my coins again
  10. You shouldn't have trouble with a claim with ANY insurer if you know what you're doing. Claims are easy, as they come down to two things. Indemnity and quantum.

    Indemnity - You should have the insurer confirm indemnity WHEN YOU LODGE THE CLAIM or within 3 business days after. Don't let them stall on this issue, as it's a backdoor for the claim to drag out. Motor vehicles are simple because the policies are so broad, so they can usually confirm indemnity when you lodge the claim.

    Quantum - Get a quote to repair the bike ASAP. If you can get the bike to a repairer for a quote before you lodge the claim, or on the same day, it makes the process much much easier, as the insurer can decide if they will appoint an assessor or not, and if so, whether it will be desktop or in person. If you take the bike to a reputable repairer, they should be able to liaise with the insurer arrange for a desktop assessment within 48 hours.

    Once indemnity and quantum are confirmed, it should take no longer than 24 hours for them to EFT or draw a cheque to you. Or, if it's being repaired, repairs should be authorised within 24 hours.

    So if you have an accident on the weekend, you should have your money or repair authorisation by the Friday (5 days). If you don't, someone is dragging their feet.
  11. Cheers Everybody, Some handy stuff there!
  12. Thanks Man, that's what I wanted to know!
  13. I'm with IMR too. So far so good. Binned a Vespa 250 a few years back (sold now and got a real bike) and they asked about mods and I had a set of crash rails on it that I never reported. Value was about $900 and one was scratched up.

    Even though I hadn't told them of the mod, they paid out on them as they said it probably saved them more money in the end as without them there would be a lot more bodywork to paint.

    Still have my business now and they're quite reasonable.
  14. I have the good fortune to work in the claims department of IMR. Most of the guys here ride so we know where our clients are coming from. We try our best to make the claims process as painless as possible.
    Don't know about other insurers claims departments, but I know we are focussed on helping our clients as best as we can.
    Just remember, service is remembered long after price is forgotten!
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  15. I no affiliation whatsoever with them, but I must confer with those that have mentioned SWANN. I went with them from the dealer when I got my first bike 4 years ago, a $650 on my L's. hey were by far the cheapest (including IMR)and only had a $600 excess if I was at fault. No excess otherwise and no hidden excesses.

    As someone mentioned, they gave me the number 1 rating and no claim bonus due to my good driving record, even though I had my L's one week. They consider any vehicle experience when assessing your premiums. I was 26 then and it does come down to your age mostly and even with SWANN whether your good driving record (and claims) are intact.

    For what it's worth, I have also had two accidents where I was not at fault and SWANN were brilliant dealing with those. One phone call to SWANN and it was all sorted out. I did not have to do anything further and got repairs completed quickly the first time and a payout in 3 days the second time. I claimed against my insurance and they chased the money down from the third party - with no excess or loss of my no claim bonus as I was not at fault.

    I have never been with IMR purely because they could not even closely compete with SWANN on price so I cannot say personally what they are like. Based on the guy above who works there and a friend that is with them I have only heard good things about them.
  16. Im 21 and I have a 1 star rating with AAMI (car and bike). I'm going to be going with IMR when I insure my GSXR because they seem to be cheapest by a good amount. Going to cost me $743.00 for a year and $400 + $400 (under 25) for excess. Sounds pretty good to me!
  17. Unless things have changed IMR only allow you take the bike to 1 repairer in Melbourne. As such I didn't go back to them as I like to select my own repairer.. I've used Swann for years without too much hassle.

    And I wouldn't deal with their repairer if you paid me too... heard far to many bad things with them, both on the net and in person with the people involved
  18. AFAIK no insurer can legally force you to use an individual repairer. They can recommend and suggest, or coerce you to use one of their preferred repairers. They can also refuse to pay any more than what their repairer would quote to fix the job.

    I think from memory they can't force you because it's anti-competitive behavior... Would need to look it up to double check though.
  19. Might be worthwhile checking out QBE.

    As the others have said, check your excesses. That can be what'll smack you hardest, especially if you have a cheapo bike.
  20. Just so you know, IMR and AAMI are owned by the same parent company, Suncorp. As such, I wouldn't expect much difference in a claims experience between the two companies. As far as the difference in premium is concerned, I'd put that down to IMR being a dedicated motorcycle insurer.