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Insurance quotes - great entertainment!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spectre, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Ringing around for quotes this morning, spoke to Madonna (yep, really) from GIO, said they have a handy option if I wanted it - windscreen cover! I said "on the bike?" , she said "yep, would you like a quote with and without?" , I said "without is fine, thanks". Then says they can only do 3rd party! This is better than reality TV!!! :?

    By the way, best quote so far for the Sprint, $717 from QBE.

  2. I got asked also, even was offered the replacement car option! no replacement bike option....
    They don't even ask you bike related questions, is this called customer service or what.

    Insurance companies need to get there act together regarding bike insurance.
  3. Have you tried Shannons, as it is a european they should quote for it. I know they do for my Duke.
  4. One thing I want to know. When they ask for years driving excluding L's do they really mean that or do they mean years riding?

    Been doing some research on Honda VT25s and VTR250s and most of the comprehensive quotes have been in the ~$2000 range. Cheapest so far was RACV 3rd party for $100.

    Does anyone do fire and theft (more worried about the theft) for motorcycles? Everyone I've called so far only do 3rd party by the looks of things.
  5. Swann does fire and theft.
    You should be able to get a VTR250 with QBE for $250-300 I think but it does depend on your age. Fill in their on-line quote form.
  6. It's blocked by the firewall here at work (BLAST!) but I'll have a look tonight.

    Yeah ~$300 would be nice. 22 year old male with no insurance history isn't going to be ideal but you gotta start somewhere.
  7. my insurance booklet and policy are all marked "car', so I rang them and said, "but I have amotorcylce, not a car!" and they said, "yeah, that's ok, it's listed as a motorcycle in the car description section"..... :? :? :?

    Oh, and they only offer rating 5 or 6 for motorcycles, so I am a rating 1 driver with a rating 5 policy... pfft!
  8. Insurance

    Hey all..

    I'm a brand new Learner on a bike, but a rating 1 driver in a car.
    RACV gave me rating 1 comp policy on a bike. My car is not insured with them, just the bike at a bit under $400 for a 91 Yamaha Zeal.

    Oh yeah, they offered me the windscreen option too!
    I reluctantly decided not to take it.

  9. Probably also helps that you're over 30, does knock a significant amount off premiums.
  10. Some insurance companies ask for driving. They haven't worked out that driving and riding are 2 different things.

    It's why my quote for a leaner rider (my fiancee) was so much cheaper than anywhere else. When I called up NRMA, they even said specifically, years driving, not riding.
  11. Heya,

    I just got third party for my vtr1000 from allianz, it was $415
  12. When asked if there were any modifications that I'd like to be insured
    I replied that I'd like the air conditioning covered too.......took about 2 minutes of computer searching before she caught on.
    Premium probably went up 5% due to me being a smart ass :)
  13. Get these items covered:
    * Driver's side airbag
    * Spare tire
    * Rear window
    * Stereo & CD Changer (unless you ride a BMW/Goldwing and actually have one!)
    * Sunroof

    Then ring up and claim three months later claiming they've been "stolen" :)
  14. Swann are bike insurers, forget the rest, or alternatively deal with them at your peril.
  15. ROFLOL...
    I'd love to see a bike with an aftermarket soundsystem installed.
    "Yes, its' a 2004 Yamaha R1 with an Alpine headunit, with 2x 12" Type R subs in a custom enclosore." I'm still yet to see a sportsbike with a doof system in its rear boot. I'm sure someones done it!

    Just have to keep my eyes on around Chapel St for a single headlighted doofer.
  16. I've seen it done to a Goldwing and a trike but not on a sportsbike.