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Insurance Quote B/S

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by PJ2, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. This quote (below ) is B**S**T

    I though that QBE was meant to be cheap, but bugger $1710 with Comp and only Market value

    If anyone could help that would be great

    MOTORCYCLE : 2006 Hyosung GT250R


    USAGE : Private


    POLICY TYPE : Comprehensive

    BASIC EXCESS : $350

    NO CLAIM BONUS : Rating 6 (0% NCB Discount)
    (Confirmation Required)


    (*) Reduced Usage - Not used for commuting purposes, ridden less than 8000kms per year

    SUM INSURED : MARKET Value (Agreed Value available on some bikes)

    PREMIUM : $1710.00 annual $171.00 monthly
  2. I know it sucks, but 19 years old and a rating 6? You're going to struggle to get any cheap comprehensive insurance.

    The price reflects your inexperience and also the higher risk young riders face as far as accidents go.

    A sad fact of life.
  3. how much did you ask for it to be insured for ?

    insurance companies screw guys on bike, i pay just over $3,000 for mine p/a. though the renewal came in on friday for $2,700. thats with nrma. i tried to insure with western qbe, though once i gave them my drivin record, they laughed. we just have to bend over and take it, id rather fork out the 3k then stuff up and write off my bike and fork out 15k, which my mate did.

    lol, i just noticed you put down for 8000km or less a yr...what a rort for 1,700 !
  4. under 8000k's p.a. try Shannons in the partners page!
  5. Western QBE are great....if you already have car insurance. My full comp came in around what you quoted, with basically the same bike (See left<) but used as a commuter. Once I told them I already have full comp NRMA for the car, my total was literally cut in half, then a little bit more.
    My point: Insurance sucks for under 25's who hav'nt already paid through the nose for car insurance. Most likely because we are the people who need it the most. Pricks.
  6. tried AAMI?

    msg to short
  7. Thanks for your help guys

    Thats what I thought, because I made sure that I selected weekends only on purpose.

    I never knew that you could do that, I thought it had to be with the same company ?. I've already got full comp with RACV for my car, but it is in my parents name. Hopefully I will be able to change it over (it's only $150 or so different) and try that.

    Thanks for advice on Shannons and AAMI I'll give them a go also.
  8. i was quoted $7500 for full comp on the R6 by swann, and $5500 by QBE...AAMI quoted $1871. call AAMI there is no way you shpuold be paying that much to insure your hyosung.
  9. i dont think shannons touch under 25's on bikes.

    as soon as i said i was 20 with a R6 they didnt want to hear from me.
  10. yeah shannons didn't want me at 24...
  11. the questions is do you REALLY NEED comprehensive insurance??

    I only have third party for my Duc Monster, if you are scared of theft, just becareful where to park your bike and buy some big locks. If you are scared of a total write off after a crash, dont crash.
  12. I reckon $1710 isn't bad for a 19 year-old rating 6 rider.

    If you can't afford it, get a third party insurance or a cheaper PoS bike.

    Thanks to evil Peter Stevens's importing arm, Hyo parts cost an arm and a leg in Australia (ie. 4-10 times more expensive than in Korea). All you need is one decent drop to get most of what you paid [for full comp] back.
  13. $1700 isnt bad, thats what insurance costs, its just that you have 0% no claim.

    Personally I only third party insure my bikes and car. I dont believe my risk % is high enough to warrent their premums, so its basicly self insurance the money Ive saved over the last 9 years could buy myself 2 bikes.

    You do need third party though, you can only do as much damage to your bike as its worth, but you can bankrupt yourself in damage to other peoples property.
  14. :LOL: that made me chuckle.

    anyhoo, how about getting your father to insure it under his name and naming you an additional rider. have heard this cuts the cost down.
  15. Buy a second hand bike and get third party property damage only. Think of it this way, if you write off your cheap second hand bike, you are no worse off financially than paying the premium for shiny and new, which will be worth less than you paid for it anyway!
    This is why second hand bikes are pushed so hard by older people, they know what it costs when you are young.
    You just have to suck it up, it's part of being young. QBE are actually pretty decent on prices, they insured my 1000cc bike for $178 comprehensive, and I have not had insurance with them before. Yes I am 35, but that's still a good price.
    Oh, and if you want under 25 insurance to come down, try to influence your peers to stop throwing bikes down the road, riding unlicenced etc.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. It's their way of scoffing at your purchase of a hyosung
  17. Shannon? They told me that if your license is less that 2 years old.. they don't want to hear from you..
  18. update on AAMI....

    if you're under 25 and your bike is over 500cc they won't touch you either - as I discovered about 1/2 an hour!

    deep joy! :roll:
  19. maybe that's the case for you crazy queenslanders but in victoria they are giving away insurance for <25's and 500cc+ riders. :wink:
  20. hahaha

    i just phoned them (AAMI) up and said that I'd just been told that they woudln't insure me because of age/bike size.... but several of my friends have got their insurance from AAMI and they're either younger or have bigger bikes....

    result of phone call was

    Comp: $790
    3rd P/F/T: $220
    3rd P: $160

    So if anyone else gets the "we don't insure you because of blah...." then get back on the phone and argue!

    thanks guys!