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QLD Insurance questions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gary Roberts, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Has anyone had any issue with insurance on the bikes while towing a trailer? Any good stories? Maybe recomendations?

  2. Sorry mate, do you mean towing a trailer with your bike, or towing a trailer with your car, and the bike on the trailer?
  3. I don't know anyone who has had an issue.
  4. Trailer behind the bike
  5. Mate we don't have issues... We have the whole subscription !
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  6. Well I've just found out the Suncorp include them in their cover. A little dear tho.
  7. I've been trolling insurance web sites for online quotes and most ask if you have illeagle mods. i'm sure most os us have illeagle mods of some sort. Number one being mufflers. Other things like fender eliminators on you super sport, mirrors removed or too small. Blinkers too small or not far enough appart, an my concern, handle bars. Too high or too wide. If you mention them on your quote, it's a no go. Has anyone had any trouble with modifications and claims?
  8. If your eagle is sick, take him to a vet
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  9. I was wondering how long it would take....o_O
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  10. 4 minutes is probably a Netrider record. Lol
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  11. You are not covered under any section of this policy for damage, loss, cost or legal liability that is caused by or arises from or involves:
    - a modification to your motorcycle which was not street legal, roadworthy or approved by the transport department in your state or territory
  12. I think you mean "trawling", not "trolling". The latter tends to make forum members and moderators cranky.

    Personally I've seen a lot of Harleys with obviously illegal mufflers, light mods etc but not so much other marques. Some of those mods, like the mufflers, don't make any difference to the bike's safety and just make them more anti-social. Others, like the blinkers being really close in, make it difficult for other road users to see what you're doing and more likely they'll hit you when they get it wrong ... if they're even paying any attention to you at all. Removing the rear guard might look nice but you're more likely to throw loose rocks up higher (btw they hurt) and stuff someone's windscreen, headlights or visor.
    If you want to build rolling art, that's up to you. I like a well build custom as much as the next guy, but some of those rules do benefit all of us when it comes time to ride on the street
    I personally prefer to own street sleepers. Surprising people is fun and they attract less negative attention from the public and po-po alike.
  13. I doubt that there would be more than 25% of road goin bikes with legal pipes in Australia. Mine are actually quiet for a Harley and I have had positive coments from the public, but I doubt they would pass. My bars are 14" which put them bellow shoulder hight by at least 100mm or a bit more, and lower the the screen. They're 950mm wide and the bike is 800mm wide so they're not even the length of the hand grip wider either side. The comfort they provide on trips is far beyond anything I've ridden in the past, including this bike with the original bars and my previous 1250 Bandit. The insurance terms and conditions state as above. The bike can't be "unroadworthy". One insurer states that the owner should "reasonably know it was in an unroadworthy or unsafe condition" I have never had to make a claim for a motorcyle. So I don't know if this would be a drama
  14. I think you'd be surprised about that number. It's quite hard to buy slip-ons and full systems for road bikes in Auz that aren't standards compliant unless they're privately imported. Track bikes are different, but those pipes are marked "not for road use" or something to that effect. That's not to say that people don't modify their pipes, I know full well that happens (done it myself), but most are quite legal if not by the letter of the law (unmodified etc) then by it's intent (within noise specs).
  15. Just takin a punt. I live on a main road and I hear 99% of the bikes coming past from my lounge room. Dirt bikes are the worst, then Harley's. :) One of the reasons I kept mine quieter than normal.
  16. I respect your thinking. Subtlety has certain benefits. ;) I have the reverse situation here. There are a couple of hogs that head up the lane opposite me and I don't think there's a dog or cat in the street that isn't on stress medication from it. I do get trail bikes behind me on the railway lines, though they don't get out very often.
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  17. Note the wording though - IANAL but it seems that your claim would only be refused if the illegal mod was in some way related to the accident that lead to the claim.
  18. Personally I wouldnt chance it on bars, they are too involved with steering and therefore most crashes could be said to be contributed to by steering (or lack of)

    Pipes are different, being too loud doesnt contribute to the crash.
  19. That is correct. Some state if they contribute, some state weather you could have reasonably known. Do we know of anybody that has had troubles?
  20. A member that doesn't post anymore, Loz, was hit with an $850 additional excess for non-disclosure of an aftermarket air filter. Only reason they knew about it was because he mentioned it later or at time of claim. A strongly worded letter returned sanity to it's rightful place.