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Insurance question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by OscarA, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and girls have a question for you.
    I was going through the Swann online insurance quote to figure out what my premium would be when I upgrade in a few months and came across this question.

    How many at fault accidents and/or insurance claims have you had in this period?

    Now at first it seems like a simple enough question but the more I thought about it I wasn't sure how to answer it.
    I have made one claim in the last 12mths but it wasn't my fault and swann said it'll go down as a no fault claim. So is the answer to the question 1 or 0?
    The first part of the question asks for how many at fault accidents so that's simple 0 but the next part gets tricky. It asks for how many claims, is that how many claims period or how many at fault claims.
    The fact it's tied in with the at faults accident question makes me think it's at fault claims but these insurance companies can be sneaky. I would hate to make a claim down the track and have it denied due to misinformation on the application form.
    I will ring up and ask when the time comes but for now it'll be interesting to see what people here think.
  2. If the claim in question was found to be "no fault" then the answer is O.
    I agree the second part is asking about "all" accidents therefore the answer is 1.
  3. To break it up, the question can be read in two ways:

    How many (at fault accidents) and/or (insurance claims) have you had in this period?


    How many at fault (accidents and/or insurance claims) have you had in this period?

    I think it's the latter, because insurance companies only care when they're out of pocket, and the only time that is when you're at fault and claim. So you'd put down zero for that question.
  4. It's a poorly worded question and probably done deliberately so people put down 1 when it should be 0. By doing so you pay a higher premium than needed.
    I will ring up Swann when the time comes just to be 100% sure I answer it correctly but as I read it I agree with you ginji my answer should be 0.
    Thanks for the input guys.
  5. Bottom line, did your insurance company have to pay out? Even if it wasn't your fault, if they had to pay out (ie. not the other guy's company) then the answer is 1. If they didn't have to pay it's 0.
    FWIW I got quotes from Swann twice, because I didn't know how to answer this question either. The difference in annual premium for me (between answering 0 and 1) was about 50 bucks.

    Now, does anyone have any feedback on Swann and how they are to deal with?
  6. I've made a claim with Swann. No problems.
  7. At fault = Your insurance has paid to fix the bike = higher premiums

    I've had 3 claims with Swann ( one two weeks ago ). 1 was my fault, 1 was not my fault and was in my car, the other was not my fault but I didn’t have the details of the person at fault.

    Service has been good, and a poo load better than AAMI.

    If you service your bike at a particular shop, ask them who they recommend. Sometimes it makes it easier come quote time.

    my 2c
  8. Simple answer to the question:

    Disclose it! Then you won't have to worry. They won't care that it's a NAF claim, and if you have proof you disclosed it they can't come back at you later.