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Insurance Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by art_vandelay, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently got a motorbike. I was wondering about my car No Claim Bonus.

    For example something happens to the bike (stolen, accident etc), do I lose my NCB with my car insurance?

    I've paid the NCB protection fee on the car insurance.

    Any thoughts?


    MOD: Moved to appropriate forum, please take a bit more time thinking about the appropriate place to post this question thank you.
  2. Firstly I can't get the smile off my dial, Art Vanderlay...when Kramer answers the phone and says there's no Vanderlay Industries here =D>

    Anway, guess it all depends on your insurance....

    Had a claim from QBE for the bike, bike was written off and was paid out.

    Purchased replacement bike, had to get new policy, and QBE advised full NCB, so long as no further claims during next 12 months.

    Replaced car, so had to get new insurance, was asked about any claims, advised "yes, but have full NCB with insurer" so they advised OK to give me full NCB. This was with Alliance
  3. Yeah, first; how do I start a new thread on this site, I am loosing interest in looking here and there and not foinding a fuggen thing.
    the next is ; Who has got anything to say about E- Bike or E - Group Insurance?
    I think they are taking me for a ride?!?!
    Coming up with all kind of ex, so that they can delay a not pay for my bike that was written of.