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insurance question for previously suspended license

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by heinrich, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. hi guys just a quick question.
    im looking into comprehensive insurance for a new 600 and i have had my license suspended for 1 month (roughly 3 years ago) i have found some companys wont insure riders that have lost their licenses in the past 5 years. ive gotta ring nrma this afternoon regarding their situation but does anyone know other companys that are good in regards to this?

    thank in advance,

  2. you will have to keep ringing around. each insurer has its own rules. you may need to pay extra excesses at some of them. depends on how old you are and how old you were when you lost your licence and for what.
  3. Keep looking, try Arista underwriting, and also Western QBE. They may insure you, but it might come at a cost.

    Most importantly, don't take out cover and not disclose the suspension where they have asked and it falls within the period they are asking about. Most ask about history over 5 years. If you fail in your duty of disclosure, you may as well not have the bike insured.
  4. When i was insured with TIO (Territory Insurance Office) they didn't care or even ask about my past driving history.

    Then i moved to QLD and i couldn't find an affordable Insurance agent that would insure me unless i had a clean driving record for the last 5 years and criminal record for 10 years :roll:

    I only left TIO because they wont insure people living outside of the NT