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Insurance question – Swann or IMR

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gsxrjames, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Anyone had any experience claiming through Swann or Insure My Ride?
    My insurance is up and the difference in price is negligible ($20) so was wondering if it’s worth switching (from IMR to Swann). I’m only looking at 3rd party as I can’t justify spending 1/3 of the value of my bike each year on insurance.

  2. I've had 3 claims through IMR... or is it 4?
    All for theft/ignition damage

    Anyway, always easy.
    They pickup, Bike goes to Collideascope in Asquith. They deliver.
    NFI about swann.
  3. 3 claims through Swann. no issues. good communication. AAAAAA++++++

    oh wait, this isn't ebay
  4. Claim this year through IMR, best communications and help I've ever had. Excellent.
  5. claim through Swann.
    bike written of by a kamakazi soccer mum.
    2 weeks to till full pay out cheque in the mail...can't complain about that.
    they have my business for life.
    that said, any insurer may try and find a way to screw you over, because that's what their employees are paid to do.. and you need to know how to deal with them.
  6. I've claimed with both - 2 with IMR, 1 with Swann.
    the first claim with IMR at fault was a breeze, the second was a little difficult but did get sorted out fairly quickly.

    Now Swann......I'd rather be impaled on a star picket than give them another cent. The claim was approved fairly quickly, but it took swann 5 weeks to send the paperwork to my repairer. Then there was the other 2 cars (I wrote off 2 parked cars) Swann refused to talk to the other insurers - I took something 6 - 8 months to sort out, I had creditors chasing me, I was not a happy camper.
  7. 1 claim with Swann. I was without my bike for 3 months. This was due to communications issues between Swann, the local Swann Assesor and the repairer.

    I now insure with WQBE.
  8. Thanks all. IMR looks to be the winner.
  9. got a very competive price from shannons
  10. Swann. personally have had no troubles when making claim years ago but friend had his gixxer stolen and they treated him like a criminal. Even had a private investigator go thru his accounts and still took months to settle. Lucky it wasnt his primary form of transport.
  11. that was a pretty good effort :-s
  12. 2 360's down an industrial (and wet) road.

    Bent the first one in half (pintara) and sent the front drivers wheel through the firewall of the second (commodore).

    I dont crash often, but when I do I do it properly!
  13. Damn straight. Useless cretins that don't deserve to draw breath! :soapbox:
  14. How'd you manage that?
  15. Obviously he was hooning.
  16. A big difference for me is with swann you get to choose how much you want to insure the bike for where the price is fixed for IMR
  17. ^^ Not an issue. Only looking at 3rd party. $1700 through swann for full comp is tempting though. Cheaper than anything else I've been quoted.
  18. I just did a check and IMR was 20 more than swan in at $721. Still almost $100 more than ebike (although, touch wood, I've yet to 'use' them)
  19. Had two claims with Swann - 1st one a minor accident that was my fault. Second one the bike was written off and I wasn't at fault. Both times they were really helpful.
  20. You better be touching that wood on a daily basis since e-bike have folded up their business in Australia.

    I agree with QuarterWit.
    People who work in insurance are all inherently evil. I also hear they punch babies.