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VIC Insurance: Pedestrian stepped in front, stuck around after I went sliding. Help?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, May 14, 2011.

  1. Got all her details, cops showed up as a formality and had a look, said I did nothing wrong but since it was a non-injury accident they didn't make a report, though the attending officer gave me his badge number and such. Lady apologised a squillion times and gave me all her details. Also had a witness give her card.

    Soooo what's the best way to handle this? call my insurance company on Monday (closed on weekends), or what?

    Damage appears to be all cosmetic, the bike rode fine on the way home. Right fairing, front cowl, tail plastics, exhaust, mirror and turn signal are all damaged, and there might be other little bits to have looked at, too.

    Edit: Jacket, helmet and pants are damaged, too I guess.
  2. Absolutely, ring em up, give them all the details, including hers, the witness and the cops. If it's a half decent insurance company they will either waive your excess on the spot and seek it from her, or promise to refund it once they get it from the lady.

    Hope you are not broken.
  3. Done! Filed the claim online, now I just wait for them to call and tell me to go get estimates, I guess.

    How does gear cover work, anyone know? I doubt I have receipts for any of the stuff, will they just tell me to go find the equiv?

    Insurer is InsureMyRide.
  4. With my gear I was told to take photo of the damage and get a quote to replace it
  5. +1 on the gear when I claimed
  6. Cool. The helmet and pants are no-question boned, but how picky are they about jackets in general? Mine's scraped up, but I'm not really sure how that works.
  7. is she hot?

    EDIT: also did you hit her or just chuck it down the st?
  8. Hell no and just threw it, respectively :p
  9. lame and lame
  10. when i threw my bike none of my gear had even a scratch but IMR insisted i scrap my helmet. all they said was to send them pics and find replacement cost for identical model (though they gave me slightly less than replacement cost)
  11. Interesting. There's a big scrape on the side of mine so there's no question it needs to be scrapped. The jacket's not really bad, but I mean, there are scrapes on it that weren't there yesterday, you know? ](*,)
  12. yeah i know what you mean. i can't offer any advice here other than to talk it over with them. it's not like a jacket can be repaired, but i can't say they'd replace it for a few scrapes
  13. Scratches on your jacket add charecture :)
  14. Yup, sounds like they'll have me send through pics and how long I've had the gear, etc etc.

    Now I just have to hope they're able to recover from the pedestrian so I'm not out the $400 excess and my flawless no claim bonus :mad:
  15. Welp, got the pics of the gear sorted and the first quote for the bike is in progress.

    Sounds like I'm required to take the bike to Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings for the second quote, which I have mixed feelings on based on what I've read but we'll see how that turns out. I guess even if I prefer to take it elsewhere for the actual repair they cut the cheque for the lower of the two amounts.

    Anyone have experience doing this?
  16. Page 7 of the IMR policy booklet: "You can choose the repairer you get a quote from, however, we reserve the right to get quotes from other repairers. Our assessor will then review the quotes and what is necessary to repair your bike and choose the repairer who has submitted the more competitive and comprehensive quote"

    So from that I recon they choose the cheapest, so I guess go to MMF get a quote, go to your repairer and make sure they undercut it and put lots of detail in the quote...

    hope that helps...
  17. Jackets can be repaired - Tiger Angel repaired my cordura jacket when I crashed the Sportster some years back - it cost a whole $20 to replace the damaged pocket and panel. And Draggin Jeans replaced the knee section of my jeans where the denim had worn through with new denim and new kevlar - that was a whole $10 for the repair at the time. (New jeans were about $120 back then).