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Insurance Payout...finally!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kiss_the_future, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. If any of you remember my post "Need Some Help" regarding my off caused by a cage driver in late Jan...i have an update to the incident. Well we are now in July and i have finally received a check for the damages caused to my bike. Hooray!, kind of.

    I've still come out second best minus the 6 month wait for the payout. The price on parts has gone up from the quote i received 6 months ago about $150...i have to purchase a new helmet, $650...my battery died during the long wait and cant be recharged...$60. This is sounding like a mastercard ad, but nothing is priceless about anything im saying..lol

    Also for those that aren't aware i had legal help from Carrington & Carrington. Would i say they did a good job?...hmm id have to think about that one. Definately dont think they were worth the $300 they took off my payout cheque. They rarely called me, and when i called them it was always..."I was just about to get on to that today".

    At the end of it all im pretty pissed at the outcome...but im glad i still got something to help me repair the bike. Hopefully i'll be out and about as soon as parts come from italy...and cant wait for the GP.